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Sunday photos + words // week in my life 2021

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Sunday. The final day of this project. It has been a slightly strange week. It definitely was not a “this is what a typical week in my life looks like” kind of of week. But for me, it has been very helpful to document the last 7 days, as they were also my last days of living here in Berlin. Tomorrow we are moving!

Stopping to notice, take photos and jot down notes has really helped me process this farewell. Leaving a place is never easy. But I am excited for the next chapter! Next year, a week in May will look very different. We will live in a different place. And we will have a 9-month old baby! Hard to imagine.

But before all that, I am going to share a bit about what my life looked and felt like on Sunday, the 16th of May 2021.

Sunday morning

On Sunday morning I got out of bed a bit earlier than I usually do these days – at 7:30 am. I put on the washing machine and did my SPD-safe full body workout. After that I read in the Bible and worked on my blog. Then, I hopped in the shower. It was still a bit of time before church, so I made myself some breakfast and listened to the last 45 minutes of my audiobook “Beach Read”. It was such a fun romance novel.

Sunday online church

11 am // church

At around quarter to 11 we logged onto our church zoom call. The service officially begins at 11 but people normally get on earlier to catch up with one another. It was so good to be together with our church family. They all prayed for Edd and me and our move and this next chapter that is to come.

Sunday afternoon

12:30 pm // napping and reading

I hadn’t slept much during the night, so after church I laid down for a mini nap and selected a new book from the library. The book I chose was “The Lager Queen of Minnesota”. A very enjoyable read so far!

I am so happy about my library card – I pay 10 Euros for an entire year and they have a ton of different audio- and e-books you can get through the Overdrive library app. I would definitely recommend this! Especially if you are unsure if you will like a book, this is such a great option.

Sunday afternoon // ice cream and walks with some of my favourites

At 1:30 pm two of my girlfriends came and picked me up to get some ice creams. They live on the other end of Berlin so I felt very loved that they travelled across town to see me before we leave. We bought ice cream from my favourite place (I had the best combo – dark chocolate and raspberry) and then walked around the park next to our house. It was so nice to catch up and to just spent time together. I will miss these guys a lot!

3:30 pm // more reading in bed

I was back home around 3:30 pm. After walking around a fair bit I was quite exhausted, so the next few hours I spent in bed reading more of my new library book.

Sunday evening

In the evening I cooked some dinner – I made a curry out of all the leftovers in our fridge, which turned out surprisingly tasty! Edd then did the washing up and I watched the news and did some knitting. Later we sat down together and made a packing list and planned out our last day before heading to bed early.

Sunday snapshot

Feeling: Very tired – both physically and emotionally. I am also in a fair bit of pain after doing quite a lot of waling today.

Appreciating: I am so grateful for friends who travel across Berlin to see me.

Enjoying: Having our windows open and hearing the birds.

Noticing: How good it feels to have people pray for you.

Watching: Little kicks in my growing belly.

Reading: The Lager Queen of Minnesota

Prioritizing: People and being outdoors. Walking for so long wasn’t good for my pain levels but definitely for my soul.

Eating: Cornflakes, Fruit, Sandwiches, ice cream and vegan curry.

Listening: Audiobooks – finished “Beach Read” today, which I loved.

Wondering: If we will manage to get it all done…

A week in my life

Thank you for following along a week in my life! I have really enjoyed this project. Hopefully in the coming weeks I can get some pictures printed and maybe turn this into some physical scrapbooking pages as well. If you want to find out more about the “week in the life” project, visit Ali Edward’s blog, who is the initator of this great idea.

In case you missed any of my previously documented days, you can find them here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

I hope you have a great day! Next time I will publish a blog post, it will be from my new home!

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    Britta, How fun! I enjoyed reading about your week. Blessings on this new chapter in your life.

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