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Tuesday photos + words // A week in my life 2021

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So, Tuesday! I had set an alarm today and got out of bed a little earlier. It is weird, having always been a morning person, they are not my favourite time at the moment. I think not sleeping well often results in me feeling a bit down first thing. But luckily the day got better as it went on.

Tuesday morning

After my usual routine of getting up, getting dressed and making coffee I read the Bible and then started working on some blog posts. I actually published two yesterday – my Monday post plus a round-up of all the creative endeavours I got up to on days 21 – 30 of my 100 Day Project.

10:30 am // park, playground + pals

Tuesday lunch

12:30 am // risotto + reading

Around midday we headed back inside and I heated up some leftover risotto. (The recipe I made is this one from the Minimalist Baker. I simplified it slightly – by basically just throwing all the ingredients into the same pot at once. Also, I added some vegan cream and lemon juice). Edd got stuck in with some work and I read some newspaper articles in my “Zeit” newspaper.

1:30 // naps, books, blogs

After some water melon for desert I decided to lie down and have a nap. After our morning out I felt very tired and exhausted. I ended up staying in bed for most of the afternoon, I read for a bit, phoned my dad and also worked a bit more on my blog posts.

4:30 // a little snack

I got a bit hungry in the afternoon, so I had some carrots and some crisps. Eating this made me remember that we were out of bread so I got ready to head out to go to the shops for a few groceries. Edd came with me which was nice, as I am not able to carry a whole lot and I also alway appreciate his company.

5:30 // dinner + friends

We then proceeded with our usual routine of making sandwiches (or as we call it in Germany “Abendbrot” – which literally translates to “Evening bread”) and watched an episode of friends. I then talked on the phone to my mum and then we got ready to head back out to see our friend Marissa for ice cream, which was really lovely.

8 pm // a normal Tuesday night

The rest of our Tuesday night was spent sewing (me) and playing league of legends (Edd). I started making a pair of Jaimie pyjama shorts. I didn’t quite finish them as I was pretty tired and still needed to finish off a few bits on my blog posts before heading to bed around 11:30 pm.

Tuesday in conclusion

Tuesday was definitely a lot better than Monday. I maybe overdid it with the walking as I was in a lot of pain when I went to bed, but I felt much happier, having spent some time outside and with other people.

The great thing about doing this project is that it is such a great reminder to take more photos. I am so glad we took those shots when we were with our friends. We probably saw them for the last time in a while. In a way, doing this project this week is weird. It is not really a week that is very representative of our normal life. But it is also very fitting to preserve as many of our Berlin memories as possible.

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