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Wednesday photos + words // a week in my life

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Wednesday! As this week is progressing, I am enjoying this project more and more! But I am also taking less and less pictures. Ha! It seems a bit boring to me to take a picture every morning of how I am brewing coffee or of my yoga mat. But I think capturing a week in my life is not about documenting every single moment but rather to have a big picture snapshot of my life from the 10th to the 16th of May 2021. What did I do? How did I feel? What am I thinking about? I will try to move more towards answering these questions.

Wednesday, 12th of May 2021

After having quite an active day on Tuesday, I was in quite a lot of pain on Wednesday. It still turned out to be a good day.

The morning was kind of rought though. I struggled to get out of bed. I had set an alarm but decided it was okay to sleep a bit longer. Around 8:15 am I got out of bed and did my usual morning routine: brushing my teeth, reading the Bible and doing some pelvic floor exercises. Then I uploaded some pictures to wordpress for my Tuesday post.

I decided to have a shower and wash my hair, which was a good idea as I felt a bit more alive afterwards.

11:30 am // grocery shopping

Edd and I then headed out to go to Lidl. We took my bike so we could put some heavier items in the basket. However, I forgot my key for my bikelock. So I ended up having to wait outside whilst Edd was doing the shopping – Berlin is not a place where you can leave a bike unlocked!

As I am not allowed to carry a whole lot anymore part of our weekly routine are some joint shopping trips. Not overly exciting but it actually has been nice to have some extra time together walking to and from the shops.

Wednesday lunch

1 pm // time for lunch

I then cooked some pasta with vegan meatballs and lots of vegetables for lunch. Even in these times where I don’t have energy for a whole lot I still really value cooking fresh, healthy meals. There is something quite therapeutic about chopping vegetables and I just feel so much better when I cook real food rather than order takeout or heat up ready meals. In a way, cooking is a way of exercising self-care for me. With the added bonus that Edd is also (usually) very happy about the food I make!

Wednesday afternoon

After lunch I tidied the kitchen a little bit and then sat down with some decaf coffee and dark chocolate. I first listened to the radio for a while. I really like a channel called “Deutschlandfunk“. I especially enjoy listening to their international press review. When they moved on to discussing stock market movements I got a little bored, so turned off the radio and I read the newspaper for a while instead.

Wednesday afternoon

3 pm // napping and more news reading

I then went to lie down to have a nap but couldn’t fall asleep. So I did my weekly newspaper planning… I am subscribed to a German newspaper called “Die Zeit” that comes out once a week. It is impossible (for me) to read all of the articles as it is about 100 pages long. So, each Wednesday when the new paper is released I look at the table of contents and mark all the articles I would like to read. I then enter them into todoist and schedule a few articles for each day. This might sound a bit obnoxious, but I feel this way I am making the most of this wonderful resource. It really is a great paper.

I then had a little snack Рsome watermelon and few spoons full of blueberry soy yogurt. After that I sat down on my sewing maching and finished sewing my Jaimie pyjama shorts. As you might know, I am currently doing a 100 Day Project. For 100 Days I am trying to do something creative every single day. Wednesday was day 34 of the challenge. So far, it involved a lot of sewing, but also knitting, embroidery, macram̩ and a bit of baking.

Whilst sewing, I started listening to another audiobook “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine” by Gail Honeyman. I had heard lots of people say that they really liked it, but I ended up switching it off after about half an hour as I honestly didn’t really enjoy it. Not sure if I will give it another chance – I am normally of the opinion that life is too short and the amout of good books to vast to spend time with books I don’t enjoy.

Wednesday night

We then had sandwiches for dinner and watched a bit of friends (same procedure as every night!). After I watched the news and a special about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. I am praying for a miracle and peace in that region.


9 pm // Late night shopping

I then remembered that Thursday would be a bank holiday, so we went out to the shops one more time to buy a few things to make pancakes.

One thing I will definitely miss about living in Berlin is having everything so close by. There are a ton of different supermarkets, fabric shops and the best ice cream all in walking or cycling distance.

Back home, I wrote my Tuesday post and then headed to bed.

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