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100 Days of Creative Play: Days 21 – 30

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I can hardly believe I have already completed more than 30 days of my 100 Day Project and haven’t fallen off the bandwagon! After sharing days 1 – 10 and days 11 – 20 I wanted to keep going with documenting this wonderful little project here on my blog. The past 10 days mainly involved sewing. I am really loving it at the moment! So here’s days 21 – 30 of my cretative play challenge!

100 days of creative play: Days 21 – 30

Day 21: Busting a ton of scraps!

One of the things I am trying to do before we move is to reduce my fabric stash! I am dreaming of one day sewing or getting a pouf for our home which I can fill with all the small pieces of scrap fabric that I have leftover from projects. In anticipation for this pouf I had already saved a small bag with scraps – but nowhere near enough to fill a pouf. However – enough to fill a tailor’s ham! A tailor’s ham is used to help you iron out darts or other three-dimensional shapes and therefore a very helfpul sewing tool. And a great scrap-busting project! I used this free pattern to cut out the ham, sewed it and then stuffed it as much as possible. I haven’t used it yet, but am excited to do so soon!

100 day project: tailors ham
Day 22: Maybe my favourite day yet…

I discovered another great way to use up fabric remants: Making baby clothes! I used some leftover fabric from my Blackwood cardigan and made this tiny little jumpers. Orginally, I had only planned to make one but didn’t pay attention when I was cutting out the pattern and ended up with an extra bodice. So now I have two of these adorable little sweaters.

I used a the 125 Lounge Sweatshirt pattern by Brindille & Twig. It was very easy to follow and sew, hopefully I can make more of their patterns in the future!

Day 23 and 24: More baby clothes

After making those cute little jumpers I wanted to keep going with the baby clothes (they are so fun!). So, I used up more leftover fabric to make some bottoms for our baby! I ended up with two pairs of shorts and one pair of harem pants. I love how they turned out! Also, I had so much fun playing around with some of the settings on my sewing machine and using some decorative stitches on the pockets.

The pattern I used is called Baby Harem Pants and is designed by Oh Me Oh My Sewing.

Day 25: Batch cutting

I decided to cut out a bunch of different projects. On a previous day I had spent quite a lot of time going through all my fabric and looking at what patterns I could make out of them. So, today I took on the next step and cut out lots of fabric, for example a Wiksten Tank Top. I lengthened the body to use as much fabric as possible and made it wider so that it would fit over my pregnant belly. The thing I find fascinating about sewing is that I can make clothes that fit my individual body and measurements. However, I am still learning how to fit a garments properly, so this was a nice experiment.

Wiksten Tank Top
Day 26: Mending!

Another thing about making that I love is the sustainablitly aspect. Making my own clothes has certainly given me a greater appreciation for the time and resources that go into a garment. Also, even with some very basic sewing skills you can mend and fix your clothes to prolong their life. I used a visible mending technique to fix a pair of Edd’s favourite jeans. It was very therapeutic actually!

Day 27: Rusic Cable Sock

I finished my first Rustic Cable Sock! I tested the pattern for Inga from Knitting Traditions. The pattern is now live and you can get it on ravelry. I really enjoyed this knit and love how the first sock turned out!

100 day project: rustic cable sock by knitting tradtitions
Day 28 – 30: Wiksten Tank Top / Dress

On days 28, 29 and 30 I worked on finishing my Wiksten Tank Top (which turned into a bit of a dress!). As mentioned previously I had widened and lengthened the pattern to fit it better over my pregnant shape. However, when I first tried it on it was very wide under the armholes and over the bust. I then took in the side seams at the top a fair bit and it looked much better. If I hadn’t added a pocket already, using bust darts would have maybe also worked quite well.

100 day project: Wiksten Tank Top Dress
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