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Creative Projects – April 2023

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In my recent reader survey, (you can still participate!) a couple of people mentioned they enjoy seeing the creative things I do! This made me very happy, because I love talking about them but often wonder if anyone finds me going on about my knitting interesting.

Finished projects

I have finished some of the things I was working on last month (you can read my March round-up of creative projects in progress here). I finished the full-moon bag and the PowerFlower socks I knitted for my grandma (I still need to gift them though). More pictures of both of these items are in this post.

I have basically finished knitting the Lukas Romper (pattern by Mats + Ida). It still needs buttons and then it is ready to be worn by a very tiny person. Lots of my friends are having babies this year, so I will see who I am going to give these cute dungarees to. I absolutely love how they turned out!

Current sewing projects

I haven’t done very much sewing lately. Sewing requires a lot more concentration and time and I can’t just do it in the car or while watching TV with Edd, like I can with knitting. However, I do really love this craft and would love to devote more time to it.

Ness skirt

I am still not finished with my Ness skirt, but am hoping to get it done soon (ready for next winter haha). The only thing left to do is the waistband and the hem. And buttons and buttonholes. I am always a bit worried about buttonholes, because they have the potential to mess up the whole project. I shall keep you posted!

For me, the thing with sewing often is that I think “oh just this step and then it is done”. But then I make a mistake or something unforseen happens and I have five more steps to do. In the past I used to often cut corners and just say “Aw this will do!” and then cobble it together somehow. However, I now think if I already invest so much time and money into a project I want to make it as best as I can. Even if it means to unpick a seam AGAIN and work on a project for months. The goal is to have a wearable garment at the end, after all!

There was defnitely a lot of troubleshooting with this skirt. First I had issues with the zip. Then the pockets looked kind of weird. After fixing all that, I realised that I had somehow cut the wrong size waistband. It was about 5 cm too short! I didn’t have enough fabric to cut a new waistband so I added fabric to the one I had cut. It doesn’t look as bad as I had feared!

Using scraps – scrunchies

When I made the Full Moon bag, I realised that this is the season for small sewing projects! While the Ness skirt makes me lose the will to live (well, maybe just the will to sew) working on a project I was able to complete in two mornings was just so so satisfying.

So I decided to find a few small projects that will keep me sewing but won’t take me all year to complete. I have a lot of pretty cotton fabrics left over from quilts and other projects and I am sewing them into tubes. The idea is then to add some elastic and turn them into pretty scrunchies. I don’t often wear a ponytail at the moment, but I quite like a scrunchie as a accesory on my arm as well. Very 90s!

Knitting projects

I only recently finished the Lukas Romper, which I was working on pretty exclusively. I normally knit every single day, but recently I haven’t done it as much. Mostly because I have been very busy with my blog!

Itty Bitty Raglan

However, I have made a bit of progress on my little Raglan Jumper that I am knitting for SJ. To be honest, this project was mostly motivated by wanting to use up the yarn. It is very bulky and designed in a way that it is spun kind of uneven. So some sections are thicker than others. I prefer unicolored yarn with even thickness. But it works well for a kids jumper!

I am really hoping that I won’t run out of yarn before finishing though. For now, I put the body on hold to complete the sleeves first. I will then just use all the remaining yarn to add length to the body. According to the instructions the jumper is fairly short, almost cropped. I don’t think that is very practical, especially not for a toddler. In my opinons, thick jumpers need to be long, so that your back stays nice and warm! We will see if I have enough yarn to achieve this vision.

Whenever SJ sees me knitting on this, she says “Anziehen!” which means “to put on” or to “get dressed”. I am very happy how keen she is to wear it!

That’s all for this month

These are all the creative projects I have been working on lately. I am definitely itching to do more knitting and sewing. We will see if I manage to make a bit more time for it in the coming weeks.

Have you been sewing or knitting anything lately? Or done any other creative things? I am always so inspired by other people’s projects, so please do share!

This is Day 58 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this postIf you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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