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Friday photos + words // a week in my life

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Friday was hard. Seeing some really good friends on Thursday, really made me realise the fact that we were leaving. So when I woke up on Friday I just felt really sad about it all. I think it does not help that I am not sleeping well. Plus, being in pain also takes up a lot of my energy. All this just made me feel super emotional all day.

Friday morning

In the morning I had a physio appointment. It was very relaxing! The practitioner’s office is really near to our flat and I was able to walk there. There was a slight bit of rain outside, so the park was quiet and smelt wonderful. In the park are lots and lots of lilacs everywhere which are my favourite. So beautiful!

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Back home I chatted to Edd for a while, answered some E-Mails and then started to pack a little bit. I put all the clothes that currently don’t fit me into a moving box to come down South in the van in a few weeks.

Friday afternoon

Then, I had some leftover pasta from the other day for lunch. I then edited a few photos for Instagram and then sewed for a bit – I started making a slightly altered Odgen Cami. It is a pattern I have sewed a few times before and I just really like the look and fit of. It also somehow does not require a whole lot of fabric so I was able to make it from leftover material I had used for a dress last year.

The rest of Friday afternoon I spent in bed. First, I tried to work a bit on a talk that I have to give in a few weeks. However, after a while I gave up as I was quite exhausted. I then watched an episode of Shtisel, a Netflix show about a Orthodox Jewish family that our neighbour had recommeded to us. I don’t usually watch TV shows, but I thought I’d give this one a go. It is a dream of mine to learn Hebrew one day. The show is in Hebrew with substitles and I just love listening to the language.

Friday evening

Then Edd and I had dinner and watched friends as per usual. Afterwards I felt extremely down somehow. Edd convincend me to go for a walk as fresh air always makes me feel better, which was also the case on this day.

Back home, I watched the news, which probably wasn’t super helpful in feeling depressed. However, I then finished sewing my Odgen Cami whilst starting to listen to “Beach Read” by Emily Henry, which was extremely enjoyable. The combination of sewing and listening to a nice and breezy story made me feel a lot better.

After finishing my top I wrote my blog post for Thursday and then headed to bed.

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