Project Life Week 5
Memory Keeping

Project Life: Week 5. Plus a little life update.

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This post is coming a few days late. Life has been pretty full so I didn’t get around to printing pictures on time and then photographing my completed pages… but here we finally are!

Week 5 was a good week. I finished the first draft of my research proposal which was a great weight off my shoulders. I am still feeling a bit wired – there are so many changes on the horizon. I don’t really know what my life is going to look like 3 weeks from now. Which is weird. (In case you didn’t know, I will be leaving England for three months to do an internship over in Germany. Which is pretty exciting but I am also a bit nervous!)

In order to keep calm and not feel too stressed, I am doing my best to maintain a bit of a routine and make time to rest. I documented a bit of what that looks like in this week’s spread.

As per usual, I put the week’s date at the top left. Next to the date card, I included a picture with my goals for February. I like having a few recurring things in my album, like this monthly goal photo. At the end of February, I also finished my 30-day yoga challenge. You can read more about this here.

We also had a bit of snow which excited me a lot. I started reading “Recovery” by Russell Brand for a local book club that I joined.

What I want to remember

During the week I got some digital stamps that I used to embellish some pictures. I have really started to fall in love with photoshop. So fun to play around with different effects. I had been ill during the week and on Monday I decided to drag myself outside, which was the best decision ever. The fresh air was just what my sinuses needed and I saw this beautiful sunset over Lancaster. It’s these little moments where I am just so happy to be alive. Where I cannot help but be amazed by the miracle of it all. I am breathing. The sun comes up and goes down. Things grow. People fall in love. What a wonderful world.

On the second page, I included my usual quote card and more photoshop experiments. I love this ‘You are here’ print I made. If I was ever to get a tattoo (which I am not planning on) that would be it. “You are here.” How is it so easy to forget this simple truth?

I’ve also been keeping up with my goal of taking a picture on my Instax Mini each week. Like two weeks ago, this one was taken at our weekly small group meeting.

On Sunday I attended a yoga class which was wonderful. Afterwards, I felt relaxed and energised – the perfect mindset for a day of writing. You can see in the bottom right that instead of my usual journaling, I stamped the date of each week and wrote a few bullets of what I did that day.

Memory keeping = relaxation

It’s odd – in a way, doing this project is yet another thing I am doing. But I have found it really helpful. By reflecting, looking back, being aware of what happened when – I feel less like time is just running away from me. I guess it is a bit like keeping a journal, just more visual. How do you reflect on your life? Do you write things down? Or take photos?

Oh and also: happy Valentine’s day everyone! Whether you are married, in a relationship or single, I hope you are feeling extra loved today.

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