A week in my life: Saturday
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Saturday photos + words // a week in my life

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Saturday was a pretty chilled day.

Saturday morning // chilling and grocery shopping

I slept in and felt much brighter after having rested so much the day before and a good night’s sleep. Most of Saturday morning I spent just reading blog articles, responding to texts and E-Mails, and having breakfast.

Once Edd got up we wrote a shopping list and then walked to the little store near our house. We didn’t not buy much, just a few bits for the weekend. Back home I made my current favourite drink: Freshly pressed lime juice with sparkling water. So refreshing! I then went to lay done for a while until it was time for lunch.

Saturday afternoon // “Beach Read” and embroidery

All of Saturday afternoon I spent in bed, listening to my audiobook (I started “Beach Read” by Emily Henry the night before and really loved it!) and doing some embroidery. I finished my practice piece and then embroidered a few flowers on some fabric I had cut out to make a bag out of. I really love how it turned out!

6 pm // games and walks

Saturday evening Edd and played a few rounds of Monopoly Deal – I first had a little winning streak but in the end, Edd won most rounds, which is usually the case in this game. (I think that is the reason why he like it so much!)

We then went for a little evening stroll around the park, which was really nice. The weather is still not overly warm, but it was pleasant. All the trees are in bloom and the air smelt of fresh rain. I am trying to drink in all the loveliness of our home here. I want to remember all that God blessed us with in Berlin. Even though I am sad and emotional and tired, I am also feeling incredibly grateful.

Saturday night

Back home, Edd cooked some dinner. We had burgers and green beans. Whilst eating we watched our usual episode of friends. Afterwards I went back to my audiobook and embroidery. Later on I tried to sew another Odgen Cami. However, I was very tired. After making some silly mistakes I decided to call it a day and go to bed.

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