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50 days of WIPs – week 3

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I have completed the third week of my creative challenge! There hasn’t been a huge amount of progress on any of my projects but it has been nice to take a moment to do something creative each day.

I have been in a lot of pain this last week which has sucked. But making sure I do something that brings me joy each day and seeing some tangible results has been so important for my overall wellbeing.

Let’s have a look at what I have been working on!

Day 16 + 17: Progress on my Christmas garland

In week 1 I shared about the knitted “Merry Christmas” garland that I am working on. My goal is to finish it by the end of November which is turning out to be ambitious… I have made bodies for all the “MERRY” mini sweaters, but quite a few of them are lacking sleeves still. I think I will just have to prioritise this project over the coming week!

Day 18: Goals and plans

I didn’t feel great at all on day 18, so instead of working on anything specific, I looked through my basket of WIPs and made a list of all the things I’d like to work on and ideally complete over the next 30+ days. Some are projects that are basically done but need some small alterations, others are bigger works in progress. We will see what I can get done!

This activity was super motivating and made me quite excited for the remaining time of this project.

Day 19: Sewing a beanie

Last year I sewed very many beanies as Christmas presents for friends and family members. My mum requested another one and actually bought and pre-washed the fabric. So all that was left to do for me was cut and sew which I gladly did!

I love small projects like this, that I can start and finish within one nap time!

Day 20: Moby Sweater

You’re probably bored hearing about this. However, on day 20 I knitted on my Moby sweater. I picked up the stitches for the neckline and started the ribbing!

Day 21: Ginger shots

As I am already not feeling overly well I am keen to avoid any further unpleasantness in this pregnancy such as getting the cold or flu. Edd, SJ and my dad have all been sick lately but so far I have managed to avoid catching anything. I made some ginger shots yesterday in order to keep my immune system happy and strong. They are super spicy but really good!

That’s all for week 3! I hope you are making all the things that bring you joy!

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