Friday Favourites

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Writing blog posts last week and yesterday made me realise how much I love blogging! I kind of miss doing it daily.

It’s Friday! Mostly, it’s been a good week. I am a bit frustrated about the increase in pelvic pain and I am pretty exhausted but there were also many things that brought me joy.

A few favourites:

  • I love a project and my “50 Days of WIPs” challenge really helps me to make room for what brings me joy: getting creative!
  • On Saturday my copy of “Iron Flame” by Rebecca Yarros arrived. I am trying to pace myself and not speed through it too quickly but I most likely will finish it this weekend. It’s so good.
  • Also, Edd started reading “Fourth Wing” (the prequel to Iron Flame) yesterday and I am pretty excited to share this fictional world with him.
  • Over the last few weeks I really gotten back into listening to podcasts. This episode (in German) and this one (English) were some recent highlights.
  • This reel made me laugh.
  • I am trying to eat healthier lunches at the moment. I had oven-baked pumpkin slices with hummus the other day and it was so easy yet delicious.
  • Also, I am back on the sourdough! SJ and I had sourdough pancakes with homemade apple sauce one night and it was as good as I remembered. (Here’s a whole post with some of my sourdough experiences and favourite recipes).
  • Tonight, Edd and I are going out for dinner and I am rather excited.

What brought you joy this week?

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