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50 days of WIPs – Week 2

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Right, week two of my creativity challenge! To be honest, there is not as much interesting projects to report as last week. One, because I only really worked on three different things and two, because I didn’t make that much progress.

Since this week my pelvic pain has gotten quite bad and my energy levels were very low. I am not sleeping overly well either, so on many days I just tried to survive somehow and be a halfway decent parent and partner.

Also, to be completely honest, I have been a bit preoccupied with re-reading Fourth Wing and am now about two thirds through Iron Flame. This series is just so good. And so addictive!

Anyway, here’s what I have been working on:

Days 8 + 9: Garter blanket

As part of this project I am trying to use up some yarn which has been in my stash for a while. A number of years ago I knitted a cardigan out of this cotton yarn but it just didn’t look right, so I unravelled it and the yarn just sat in my stash since then.

I recently came across the “Tessa Bath Mat” pattern by Hobbii. They use a very similar yarn to knit a garter rectangle. At the end you crochet around the edge and add some colourful tassels. I thought it would make a nice rug to put in front of SJs play kitchen. It is in our actual kitchen where the floor is tiled and gets quite cold in winter. We’ll see if it works for that, otherwise it will just be a nice blanket for the kids or the couch!

Day 10: Lantern

In Germany we celebrate St. Martin’s day in November. Traditionally children go on little processions with lanterns. I took Sarina to a St. Martin’s event on the weekend and decided to make her a lantern for it.

However, it was a bit of a fail! Even though it turned out looking lovely it was way too big – basically half her size. So, a bit difficult for her to carry! I decided to just use it as a decoration for our home with a candle inside.

But then SJ used it as a hat and played with it a bit too vigorously and it broke. I was honestly a little bit upset, but I am over it now haha.

The whole thing was a good reminder though that I do really quite like paper crafts. Maybe I should try and complete some photo albums and scrapbooks as part of this challenge…

Days 11 – 14: Moby Sweater

My Moby Sweater is one of the projects I really want to complete during this 50 day challenge. And I am nearly there! The last four days I have been working on the second sleeve and it is now complete! Next, I want to knit the neckband and then finish the body.

Bonus: Celebrating the completion of a long-term WIP

Last week, Edd got the news that he has been awarded his PhD! It has been a long road until this point with many obstacles but he did it! I am so proud of his accomplishment and that he kept on going even when it was hard.

On Saturday I threw a mini-surprise party for him to celebrate this milestone. It was a great evening and I think Edd really appreciated it. We didn’t take proper photos but here are some snippets of the celebrations.

That’s week 2!

I am hoping I will have some more creative energy next week. However, SJ has to stay home from nursery tomorrow because she might have an eye infection, so we will see how much time I will get for creative play.

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