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We had a very lovely Saturday! Our night was slightly better than the previous ones and the girls actually slept until 7 am this morning, so I didn’t have to get up in the dark which always helps!

We had a relaxed morning, playing with stickere, SJs train set and her doll. We slowly got ready and had some breakfast.

Then, it finally was time to get into the car to go and pick up daddy!

Back at home, him and SJ did more stickers, we drank coffee and caught up a little bit.

While Edd entertained the girls, I cooked us some food. I love cooking. Sometimes I enjoy doing it together with SJ but today I was handling poultry and had to cut up some sweet potatoes, all things that she can’t really help with. So I appreciated just getting my hands busy and catching up on some podcasts.

We sat down all together to eat the curry I made for lunch. Unfortunately, it had turned out a bit spicier than planned but was still super delicious.

Edd then got L down for her nap, SJ played with play-dough and I tidied the kitchen. We had the radio playing, the sun was shining and it all just felt super relaxed and peaceful.

SJ and I then played for a while in the living room and then headed down to the garden for a bit before we all headed over to my parents house. My brother and nephews were also there. We chatted, had some delicious cake and played with the kids.

Then it was time to head home, eat some dinner and play some more. SJ was super byper, dancing and singing and jumping through the flat and we were all laughing lots. I love this silly, lively girl! And there is always so much more laughter when Edd is home. He just brings fun wherever he goes. I love that about him.

Now, both girls are asleep and will hopefully stay so for some time, so we can hang out together before collapsing into bed ourselves.

This post is part of a week long project in which I document my life, day by day. This idea is inspired by Ali Edwards who has been doing this for years.

Here are the photos and words from my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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