We’re home + another 100 day project?

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We’re home!

L made a speedier recovery than anticipated and we got discharged from yesterday afternoon. Hurray!! Thank you so much to all of you for your prayers, support and all the kind messages after I shared about our situation. It made me feel a lot less alone.

I’m so happy L is okay and that we are reunited with Edd and SJ.

In other news…

Today is the official start of the 100 day project. Many of you will remember that I participated last year and that I blogged for 100 consecutive days.

It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again. However, I am not sure it is realistic to do so right now. I have a new baby, a toddler who is adjusting to said baby and it’s not too much longer until Edd has to go back to the UK every other week.

My 100 Day Project

So even though I am indeed tempted to try and blog every day I think it would be a bit much right now.

However, I still wanted to do participate. As our life has lots of new challenges already right now I decided to do something that is less of a challenge and more of a self-care project.

For the next 100 days I want to do something every day that brings me joy. Go for a walk or swim. Spend some time knitting or sewing. Blog. Write a poem. Sit outside and read. Go for a coffee with a friend.

My word for the year is “connect”. My aim is to be connected to God, to people and to myself. Basically, I want to do something every day that helps me get closer to this goal.

Normalise rest and fun

One thing I want to teach my girls is that it is normal for women and mothers to rest. To do things that are fun and just for them.

I think so many of us have grown up with examples of mothers who always did everything for everyone else. Who prioritised their children, husbands, chores and work demands over their own needs. No matter what.

The Bible teaches us that rest is a gift from God. It’s not something we need to earn. The best way of teaching this truth to my daughters is by showing them what this looks like practically.

I want them to see me look after myself, my relationship with God, my marriage and friendships. Rather than normalise burnout I want to normalise rest.

Maybe you want to join me in this endeavour? I am calling it “100 days of rest and delight”.

I will be sure to document how I get on over on my Instagram account and give occasional updates here as well. I am excited for the journey!

Today is Day 1!

So, this is Day One! Today my “act of delight” was to write this blog post while eating chocolate and having my baby nap on my arm.

As an additional bonus I also found lots of delight in our trip to the zoo this morning together with SJs Godfather, my brother and my nephews. We had such a lovely time. And I was wearing a me-made skirt and felt so grateful the whole time that L and I were no longer in hospital. Could a morning be any more delightful?!

What about you?

Are you going to participate in the 100 Day Project? Maybe you want to join me in making time for more rest, joy and fun in your life? I would love to hear about the things you delight in.

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