I am tired today.

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I struggled to get something written for today. I started a couple of different posts but couldn’t finish any of them as none felt quite right.

So now I am just here saying: I think I have nothing to say today.

This last week I didn’t sleep enough. I didn’t have a lot of time on me own. I wrote most blog posts on my phone, while sitting at SJs bed or with her in my arms.

The last two weekends we had friends stay with us and on Sunday we celebrated Edd’s birthday. All of it was lovely, but also tiring.

I am tired. And I have nothing original to say today. If you have any ideas and suggestions for posts you would like to read it would make my day if you left a comment below!

Hopefully I feel more inspired again tomorrow.

Until then, here are some fun links:

-I felt seen by this poem. (Anything David Gate writes I adore!)

-There hasn’t been much elaborate cooking around here lately, but I would love to make this dish.

-I have mentioned the new album by Ever Worship before. This song is one of my favourites.

-Definitely want to get this for SJs birthday.

This sweater is too beautiful! Would love to make it my next project.

This is Day 28 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this post. If you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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