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Right now, I am documenting a week in my life. This project is inspired by Ali Edward’s who has been doing this for many years.


This morning L woke up for her morning feed at quarter to six. Once we finished nursing I got up, brushed my teeth and got ready for the day. L is getting to the age where she wants to see me all the time, so I moved her chair to the bathroom. Now she was able to watch me floss!

I also changed Ls nappy and then we woke up SJ with a bottle of milk.

SJ is super excited in the morning to see her sister and all she wants to do is cuddle her. It’s really sweet. While she was drinking her milk she wanted to hold Ls hand.

I got SJ dressed, did her teeth and hair.

My mum came over to watch L while I took SJ to nursery.

L was asleep when I got back home. I went ahead and made myself some breakfast and put on a pot of coffee. It was the third night in a row with less than five hours of sleep so I was desperate for some caffeine!

After eating some oats with chia, hemp and sunflower seeds topped with coconut yogurt and banana I decided to do a workout out.

Currently I am trying to follow along with a postpartum workout challenge. Last night I was too tired to bring myself to roll out my mat so I wanted to get it done early today. It was only 15 minutes of some easy core exercises but I felt pretty good afterwards.

Wednesdays are usually my days to recharge a bit. I tend to not have anything on in the mornings and in the afternoon either my mum or Edd pick SJ up from nursery and take her to her toddler sports class. Meaning, I have quite a bit of time with just L in the afternoon as well.

Having a day to myself is so wonderful but I find it hard sometimes to manage my own expectations around it – often I make a to do list that is way too long for one day.

Today I resisted that temptation and mostly just did things that brought me joy!

After my workout I had a shower, washed my hair and put on a face mask. I then made another coffee and joined in with Lou and Nathan Fellingham’s “Worship Wednesday”. This is one of my favourite weekly rhythms at the moment.

L woke up. She nursed, we had some cuddles and played for a bit.

She fell asleep on the sofa while I was reading my Bible.

I decided to use the opportunity and do some sewing. My sewing machine is in our bedroom – the same room as Ls bed! This makes working on sewing projects a bit tricky. However, last week I cut out another Hinterland dress, so today I wanted to at least sew a few seams.

But first, I needed to tidy my sewing table.

Of course, I had to unpick the first line of stitches…

… but then I got really into the swing of things. I love sewing and am so looking forward to hopefully having more opportunities to practice this craft in the near future.

Then I made some lunch. I fried some leftover potatoes with some onions and eggs. I ate it with some spinach and tomatoes. Super delicious!

Then it was time to nurse L.

I made some snacks for SJ and got her bag for her sports class ready.

Then L and I played some more and nursed again. Eventually she took another nap and I read.

I wanted to make some sourdough cookies or crackers. However, I discovered that my sourdough starter had mold on it. This has happened to me a few times before. Normally I have a bit of backup starter in the fridge but unfortunately not this time. So I made a new starter.

Then, I put away some laundry.

Finally, SJ got home! It was so nice to see her and play for a bit.

Soon, it was time for dinner…

…and then time to get ready for bed and read a story.

We have some vaccinations coming up, so we are reading lots of books about going to the paediatrician these days.

SJ was asleep by half past seven.

L was quite unsettled, I think she might be having a bit of a stomach ache. It was nearly 9 pm when she finally slept. While nursing and rocking her I finished reading “Ariadne”. It’s really well written. But as with all Greek Mythology it’s not really feel-good literature.

I am now sat in the living room, almost falling asleep typing this. Originally, I was hoping to do a bit of knitting but that will have to wait!

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