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I am really excited – it’s time to document a week in my life!

As previously mentioned, this week I am participating in Ali Edward’s “A Week in the Life” scrapbooking challenge. Only that I am using my blog as my scrapbook rather than a physical journal.

I participated in this project in 2021 and 2023 and loved it! Also, those posts are some of my favourites to go back to and remember what life was like then. In 2021 we lived in Berlin and I was pregnant for the first time and last year SJ was one year old and I had just fallen pregnant with L. Our life is already so different again!

Monday, 22nd April 2024

Edd left for England last night so I am currently home alone with the girls. Here’s what our Monday looked like!

The morning

L woke up around 6 for a feed but fell asleep again right after. I felt pretty awake so I managed to read a chapter in the Bible and drink some water before SJ woke up. It was less than 10 minutes but it was a great start to the day.

We got up, made milk and coffee and got ready for the day. SJ played “Lucy’s birthday” for a bit and then we got in the car to drive to SJs nursery.

We arrived back home at the same time as our “village helper” – a lady who supports us a bit with housework while I am still recovering and healing.

She started cleaning, I aired out the flat and folded some laundry while L slept. Then it was time for breastfeeding and playing.

Around 10am a good friend of mine came by for breakfast. It was super nice to catch up and for her to meet our baby properly.


After she left I put L down for a nap and knitted while listening to the latest episode of The Lazy Genius podcast.

I then had leftovers for lunch plus some blueberries and a coffee and some Easter chocolate for dessert.

SJs nursery finishes at 2 pm. Until pick up time I listened to a political podcast. The hosts discussed some changes that recently were made to a German climate protection law which essentially waters it down. I find it so hard to understand how people still somehow think climate change is not a big deal.

I then had to wake L from her nap so we could go and pick up her big sister!

The afternoon

After nursery SJ had a little playdate. Us Mamas chatted and the girls did some crafts and played ice cream shop. Despite a little bit of arguing over some toys they were super sweet together.

We then headed home. L fell asleep in the car, after putting her in her bed SJ and I played shopping, painted our nails and ate some bread, cucumber and cereal for dinner. (SJ gets a hot lunch at nursery). The we FaceTimed Edd for a bit and played some more.

Around 6:30 pm we started the bedtime routine. Once SJ was asleep L woke up, but it was nice to have a bit more quality time with her.

Currently, I am participating in a 28-day postpartum workout challenge. I skip the weekends but try and join in on Monday to Friday. I really didn’t feel like it but decided to quickly get it done before enjoying an alcohol free beer and a bit of knitting. Finally, I had a catch up with my mum over the phone.

It was a lovely day! Make sure to come back here tomorrow for the next day in a week in my life!

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