Tuesday photos and words // a week in my life 2024

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Right now, I am creating a sort of time capsule of what my life is like right now. I was inspired to do so by Ali Edwards, who runs this community project every year. You can read about my Monday here and check out previous years here.

So, Tuesday!

The hardest part of solo-parenting is sleeping less than normally. When Edd is around he gets up to comfort SJ when she cries and carries her to our bed. If L is too restless I can pass her over to him and he will soothe her. And he usually gets up to get SJ ready for nursery while L and I stay in bed for a bit longer.

A bit of a mad morning

This last night was tough. L had a tummy ache and I had to carry her for a while. Her crying woke up SJ who then also cried and it was just a bit much for 3 am in the morning.

We then ended up sleeping a bit longer this morning and were in quite a rush to get ready. Of course there then also was a nappy leak…! Luckily my mum was available to come over and help us and stay with L while I quickly drove SJ to nursery.

Today, the “village helper” came again to lend some support. She headed to our basement to do a bit of laundry and I put L to sleep and then emptied the dishwasher.

I then answered some messages and packed our bag and then L and I headed out.

A morning at Babycafé

The weather has been awful lately and it was pretty cold today but dry! So, I decided to walk to the family centre.

There, I had breakfast with some friends of mine, met lots of other mothers and their babies. We sang a few songs, drank coffee and just enjoyed the easy atmosphere and company.

As there are lots of children I didn’t take any photos there. However, I kept pulling my phone out during my walk there and back!

It was lovely to see all the signs of spring despite the cold temperatures. However, after walking my back felt very odd and painful which was a bit frustrating. I really hope and pray that the effects of pregnancy and birth will ease up soon.

A little rest at home

Back home, I tried to ease the pain a bit by rolling out my back, which helped a little bit.

L woke up, she had some milk and I ate some yogurt and fruit. Despite too many cups of coffee I felt extremely tired so laid on the sofa with L until it was time to pick up SJ.

A lovely playdate

Once I had picked up SJ the three of us visited a good friend of mine and her son who is a few months younger than SJ.

We had a meal together and then played lots. It was super fun and we felt so welcomed and at ease, it was super nice.

At 5 pm I managed to convince SJ that we had to leave. We drove home and then had dinner with my parents.

The girls were both quite tired so the meal was a bit disrupted by some crying but it was nice nonetheless (at least for me!).

My mum helped me to get the girls ready for bed. SJ was asleep pretty quickly. L was a bit overtired so it took a bit of effort to get her to settle but they were both asleep before 9pm.

Now I am in our living room, admiring the sunset, having some alcohol free beer and a few snacks and writing this post.

I am looking forward to record and share the rest of this week as it unfolds.

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