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It’s the final day in my week in the life project! I have really enjoyed doing this. A have a few thoughts and reflections but I will share them in a few days when I had a bit more time to ruminate on them.

So, Sunday!

Edd got up with SJ this morning. L was awake as well but content to feed while I closed my eyes for a while longer.

After a while I got out of bed and got the girls dressed while Edd went back to bed for a bit. He has a cold and wasn’t feeling too well. SJ and I prepared some French Toast, which is her favourite breakfast. I had some oats with banana and blueberries.

Once we had eaten, Edd and SJ went to Kinderland, an indoor playground. My nephew had his birthday party there. SJ apparently had the time of her life eating lots of cake, ice cream, chips, popcorn and chicken nuggets and playing on the trampoline and bouncy castle.

Meanwhile I stayed home with baby L. She had a long nap. I got ready and did a few household tasks.

Then I tried to decide what to do with my few uninterrupted hours and suddenly felt a bit overwhelmed by all the things I could or should do. So, I took a piece of paper and it all wrote down. Then I categorised by today or later and decided what items I wanted to prioritise.

I read in my Bible for a while, journaled and planned out my week. I also made a rough plan for future blog posts.

L woke up. We nursed and then played for a while.

Then I had some lunch.

When she got tired, I put her in the carrier and headed to the kitchen. I fed my sourdough, emptied the dishwasher and started to prepare our dinner.

Edd and SJ came home around 2 pm. We gave the girls a bath and then had a very relaxed afternoon, listening to Peppa Pig audiobooks, playing memory, with blocks and a Russian doll, I got given as a gift many years ago.

We had a delicious dinner, tidied up, SJ had a video call with an aunt and uncle from the UK and then it was bedtime. It was a bit hard work today but eventually both of them slept.

Edd left for the airport while I was putting the girls down. He’s in the UK for another week, before he has a work-from-home week. It was a brief time for him back here and probably super exhausting for him to make the trip but I am so glad he did. It was so nice to have him around.

Now I am crossing my fingers that L won’t wake up too soon and will do some knitting or reading.

What a great week it was! I am so thankful for my life.

This post is part of a week long project in which I document my life, day by day. This idea is inspired by Ali Edwards who has been doing this for years.

Here are the photos and words from my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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