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Life Lately: MAY

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I thought it is time for a little life update. Lots of stuff going on these days. Being here in Potsdam/Berlin has been such an adventure but also quite tiring.

Lately I’ve been…

Eating lots of Vietnamese food. A new favourite. And this bread my friend Carla introduced me to. It’s made from seeds and not much else and tastes AMAZING.

Drinking something we call ‘Radler’ in Germany, beer mixed with lemonade. I am normally not a fan as I don’t really like sweet drinks but it makes me feel like summer which is always a bonus.

Wearing my new pair of jeans plus some sort of chequered shirt. Pretty casual these days. 

Reading a novel set in the institute I work in. It’s not the best book but really fun. My mum send me two books in the mail which I am also excited to get into. And the next book for the Life’s Library book club is waiting for me in England.

Taking singing lessons. Yesterday I had my second ever lesson. I am enjoying it a lot learning so much. I feel like it is really helping my confidence. My singing teacher, Sarah, gives lessons online and I would highly recommend her. You can check her out here.

Listening to ‘Sinking Deep‘ by Hillsong on repeat. And I’ve been getting back into some old indie favourites like Noah and the Whale and The Head and the Heart. Last week I also found a podcast called the ‘Bible Binge‘ which I thoroughly enjoy.

Trying out intermittent fasting. So far so good.

Knitting a pair of these socks. I bought the pattern and yarn last year at Yarndale. Maybe I can wear them there this year!

Struggling with living on my own. I never thought this would be the case as I am quite a big introvert. However it seems like I just really love having people around. Especially Edd.

Looking forward to a weekend back home in England. I just landed in the UK and am now on the train to Lancaster. Cannot wait to see Edd. (And my sewing machine.)

Writing down transcripts from my interviews. Very tedious but I am getting much faster. And also this blog! It’s been lovely to get back to spending a bit of time on here.

Watching the Great British Sewing Bee. I am obsessed. My new life goal is to become a really good seamstress and then go onto this show as a candidate.

Attempting to learn more about coding. I have loved tweaking a bit of the code for this blog template but would really like to learn more and one day be able to create my own themes. Has anyone done any online courses they can recommend?

Learning so much about God’s grace these days and the fact that he is trustworthy. Even when I am a mess, he is faithful.

Feeling optimistic about life and the future despite so many unknowns.


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