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Life Lately // May 2024

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It’s been a while since I shared one of these little updates – the last one was in January when I was heavily pregnant, hoping that labour would start soon!

These days we’re doing good! (I am very happy to not be pregnant anymore!) But there is also a lot of stuff going on around us which I am processing and trying to respond to in a helpful and kind way.

I wanted to share a little snapshot of what life looks and feels like right now.

Lately, I have been…

Feeling: Tired. It’s been an emotional week and a bit and not really in a good way. Plus, I haven’t slept well lately (a combination of being up with L, bad hayfever and having a lot on my mind). I am tired to the point where I feel like I might burst into tears any moment.

Appreciating: People who speak kindly about my children and our parenting. So often it feels like shooting in the dark (probably a bad metaphor to use) and it is so encouraging to hear that we are doing an okay job.

Enjoying: Sitting on our balcony in the sunshine while typing this. It’s finally sunny! We have had so much rain and grey skies lately and I am ready for brighter days.

Watching: I am still watching the Chosen, currently waiting for Edd to catch up before going on with season three.

Grateful for: my girls. They are such a joy and I love watching their love for one another. Yesterday SJ kept saying to L: “You are so cute! And I love you so so much!”

Reading: “The Future” by Naomi Alderman.

Prioritizing: People! I have hung out and met up with lots of people lately which has been wonderful. However, I am pretty much in the middle between being an introvert and extrovert (i.e. I am an ambivert) and I am feeling the need for some quality time with myself.

Hoping: for some good sleep and a chance to sew at some point during the weekend.

Eating: We bought our first strawberries this week and as every year I am obsessed! Also, I made a fantastic Dhal curry yesterday and I am excited that we have leftovers for tonight.

Listening: I am getting back into audiobooks! Yesterday I finished listening to “Funny Story” by Emily Henry and today I started “Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls.

Excited about: It’s a bank holiday weekend and I can’t wait for some quality time as a family.

Knitting: I am still working on my Copenhagen Cardigan and also am knitting a blanket for SJs doll which she requested.

Praying for: my efforts as a mother and blogger and friend. I want to invest myself in a way that is fruitful, that brings blessing and joy – to me and others.

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