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Highlights of my week #3

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Time is going so fast these days. Another week over and we are almost half way through May. I really have been enjoying these posts where I jot down some of the highlights of my week. So here’s another one.

Last week…

1. I interviewed two investors. Both conversations went well and were really interesting. For the first few interviews I did, I was a bit nervous but it is become more routine now and I am enjoying the process much more.

2. On Tuesday my dad was in Potsdam and we met up to go out for dinner. The food was great and the company even better.

3. Some friends of mine from church hosted a board games evening at their flat. We had a really fun evening.

4. On Thursday I flew out to England to spend a weekend at home with Edd. It was so good to see him.

5. Being back in Lancaster was super nice. I hadn’t been there since early March and I realised how much I love this place. It was my first ‘home away from home’ and where Edd and I fell in love. So many good memories and so many good friends there.

6. Almost every day I was home I went to my favourite café (The Herbarium). One time for lunch, another for breakfast and once for cake. Every time was fantastic.

7. I attended a yoga class taught by my favourite yoga teacher.

8. Lots of sewing! I mended one of my tops, sewed a scrunchie and made some progress on my hinterland dress.

9. Saturday morning I went for a very early morning walk (at 7.30 am) to Williamson’s park. The light was beautiful and it was still so quiet.

10. Edd and I went back there later in the afternoon and visited the butterfly house and saw lots of beautiful butterflies, turtles and meerkats.

11. Seeing some of my best friends ever.


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