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Life Lately

Life Lately: April 2021

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I thought it would be nice to capture a bit of what life looks like right now. Soon everything will be different!

We live in peculiar times. I am sure one day we will look back to this moment in history and will want to remember what it was like to be alive during 2021. Also – I will never again be pregnant for the first time! (Hopefully I will also never be pregnant again during a pandemic!) So, here’s a bit of what life looks like these days.

Lately, I’ve been…

Eating lots of rawnola (recipe can be found here – it’s so easy and so delicious!) with strawberries and vegan yogurt.

Drinking sparkling water (mixed with cloudy apple juice for a treat sometimes) and decaf coffee.

Reading: How to Write an Autobiographical Novel: Essays by Alexander Chee. I am reading it as part of the Life’s Library Book Club. At first I didn’t get quite into it, but I am actaully really enjoying it now.

Listening: To this wonderful mini-concert Coldplay did at Tiny Desk. It makes me so happy. Music is wonderful and choirs are the best. I am also listening to a lot of podcasts – I am always very inspired by the Love To Sew podcast and challenged by Pete Scazerro’s Emotionally Healthy Leadership podcast.

Writing: Fundraising Newsletters for work and lots of blog posts for fun! I’ve really been loving this little corner of the internet I get to call my own lately. Plus, I actually journal every morning and every evening. I am thinking of writing a blog post about journaling – so if you have any questions or thoughts concerning this topic, do let me know!

Wearing: All my lovely maternity clothes. I can’t remember having this many new things to wear. It’s kind of fun. I especially love my maternity jeans, they are very comfortable.

Going on a lot of walks. I used to envy dog owners for the fact that they had to go out for a walk everyday in every weather. Somehow it took a pandemic to show me that I can do the same even without a dog to accompany me.

Knitting on my Coraline socks. I just need to do the heels and then I have a finished pair of socks! I am eyeing up some baby patterns to cast on next!

Sewing the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet Patterns. Well, I haven’t quite gotten to the sewing part yet, but I cut out the pattern – hopefully I can make more progress this weekend!

Sorting through my boxes of craft supplies and planning some scrap busting projects.

Looking forward to the weekend! I am planning on lots of sewing, walking and eating ice cream. (So pretty much the same as every weekend!)

Watching the Great British Sewing Bee (it’s just the best show ever! And it makes me miss the UK a lot.) and Friends.

Working on my 100 Day Project. It’s been wonderful so far!

Feeling very happy and excited and grateful these past few days. I am still not getting over the miracle of this little human who is growing in my belly. I have lots of creative ideas and feel very inspired. And the weather has finally gotten warmer! The first few months of the year were kind of hard with lockdown and this lingering fear about Corona. And it still is hard. But I am so glad that I am able to divert my focus to some happier things.

I would love to hear how you have been lately and what your life looks like these days! I am hoping you are all doing great wherever you are.

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