Highlights of my week #2

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This last week has been so so good. Lots of fun (but not a lot of sleep!)

Here are a couple of things I have been especially grateful for.

1. After 2 months of working in the library I have been given an office. I am sharing it with one other person, we get on super well and when you look out of our office window you see nothing but trees. It’s perfect.

2.  On Tuesday I went to an Open Air Concert with some people from the institute. I cycled there on my own hoping to meet some people I knew and ended up having such a fun night.

3. Wednesday was a public holiday here in Germany. In the afternoon me and three friends went for a little cycle tour, made coffee by the river and talked about books. It was great.

4. On Wednesday night we met for food and prayer with church. Being around these guys always makes me feel so good.

5. On Thursday I moved. It’s a bit further out, which is slightly annoying but I am so grateful to have accommodation here.

6. My friend Carla came to visit me over the weekend. It was so good to see her.

7. Friday night her and I went dancing and the music was just so good and the people nice and I just felt so incredibly happy.

8. On Saturday evening we went to a birthday party where people played live music and it was just such a fun and relaxed evening.

9. Carla and I explored a lot of second hand shops and went to a big vintage fair. I bought a lot of pretty rings, a dress and a necklace.

10. There were so many little moments where we laughed, or heard children sing, or people were just really friendly. Berlin normally does not feel like a picture book but somehow this weekend, it did.

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