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Life Lately

Life Lately – April 2022

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Having a small baby makes me so aware of how quickly time passes. Our little girl changes every day, she grows and learns at an enormous speed. Even though I don’t grow physically anymore, I still do change daily as well. And so does the world around us. Nothing is fixed. Everything moves and evolves. I find this both terrifying and exciting.

It certainly makes me want to capture more of each moment. The days are so fleeting – I cannot hold onto them but I can try and preserve some facets of today.

So here we are!

These days, I am…

Eating too much chocolate. I blame sleep deprivation for my lack of self-control!

Drinking iced coffee and hot coffee and lots of sparkling water.

Reading “The House in the Cerulean Sea” by T.J. Klune. I have heard so so much rave about this book. I am about halfway and I like it. But I don’t get the hype (yet!). I also started “Beautiful World, Where Are You?” by Sally Rooney. I am only through the first chapter but can already tell that I am going to love this one.

Listening to UCB radio, “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, and the Elise Gets Crafty Podcast. Not much music at the moment. I have come to really appreciate silence these days.

Writing very little. I am not even journaling right now which is quite unheard of! I miss it. But it is hard with a small baby to find the time and the calm to sit down and write I find.

Wearing a lot of the same old things. I am desperate to make some new clothes and bring some more colour and fun to my wardrobe. In the last few weeks I made two tops which I both really love: an Ashton Top and another Odgen Cami.

Sewing a corduroy skirt. I am following the Ness pattern by Tilly and the Buttons. I am not very far yet but am enjoying this make a lot so far.

Knitting a whole lot of socks! I set a goal to make six pairs of socks this year (i.e. a total of 12 individual socks) and right now I am working on sock no.5! If you are interested in my crafting projects (mostly knitting and sewing) you can check out my crafty Instagram account: @brightboldmakes.

Grateful for our little daughter SJ. She is just such a joy. Feisty and wild and full of energy and very funny. I just absolutely adore being her mother and feel so humbled that Edd and I get to raise this wonderful little girl.

Watching SJ. She is almost crawling! Sometimes she does one or two “steps” but then lands on her belly (a bit like when I attempt press ups). She does lots of babbling – dadada, bababa, deideidei but no mamama yet. This week she has a cold and lost her voice a little bit, which was both cute and sad. She claps her hands and waves and lifts her arms to show how tall she is. Edd taught her to give high-fives.

Sharing lots of my food with her now and really enjoying it. Most afternoons we share a plate of fruit – she is a big fan of bananas and pears. Vegan yogurt and bread are also big hits.

Frustrated that I am still dealing with SPD symptoms almost 9 months postpartum. Has anyone got any tips or experience around this?

Looking forward to our holiday. We are going to Bavaria in two weeks. I am very excited for 14 days of hanging out with my two favourite people and not doing much of anything. I am actually thinking about taking my sewing machine… We will see if we can fit it in the car alongside the pram and the million other things one seems to need for a baby!

Planning to do lots more of this – documenting and sharing my thoughts and life in the hopes that it somehow blesses those who follow along.

Mentally preparing to going back to work in June. I have mixed feelings! I am looking forward to doing the work and connecting with my colleagues but I am a bit anxious about being away from SJ. It is only two and a half days per week, so it should be manageable, but it still makes me a bit nervous right now. We will see how it goes…!

Wanting to remember moments like this afternoon when the three of us played with an empty laundry basket on the bed, laughing, being silly. I thought “this is it.” This is the good life. I feel so humbled I get to live this life.

Thinking about rest. About priorities. About how to save more money. And about generosity. I wonder how I want to spend my time, my life. I think about mother-daughter relationships. About growing up. And so many other things as well. The war. The future. I think about all the things I want to make. I wonder how to help people. Often, my thinking turns into worrying. Other times into excitement.

Feeling a bit all over the place. Happy, emotional, sad, anxious, grateful. A pretty mixed bag. But mostly grateful.

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