12 days of blogmas

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Hello, welcome back to my corner of the internet and merry Christmas to you!

I know this season doesn’t feel that festive to everyone but I hope wherever you are and what your situation is that you find many moments of joy in between the crazy, hectic and hard.

2023 is nearing its end

The year is drawing to an end. Having reflected a bit on the last 12 months one of my favourite things was my 100 day project. During a period of over three months I wrote and published a blog post every single day. It was a challenge but it made me feel so connected to my creativity, my own thoughts and feelings and the people who read my blog.

So, I decided to do a mini daily blogging challenge: 12 days of blogmas!

Starting today I want to write and publish a post every day until the 5th of January.

I love this time of year

I have had mixed feelings about Christmas over the years but I have always loved the period between Christmas and the New Year. The busyness of all the celebrations and their preparations is over and the next chapter hasn’t quite begun yet.

For me, there is so much joy in reflecting on what has been. Thinking about my favourite books, experiences and what I have learned. But also looking forward to what’s to come, setting goals and intentions.

Doing this makes me more grateful for what I have. It excites me for the future and inspires me to be intentional about living a life I feel content with and proud of.

As much as that is possible at least! Life is full of unknowns and as humans we have the tendency to fail. However, what a privilege to have some level of possibility to shape what my day-to-day life looks like.

Let’s reflect, be grateful and set some goals

So, my plan for the coming days is to share some of my recaps of 2023, evaluating projects, recounting highlights and simply making room for gratitude. Also, I want to start thinking through my hopes, dreams and goals for 2024.


I am very pregnant right now! 36 weeks pregnant to be exact. Of course it could take another six weeks before we meet our little one but it could also happen a lot sooner. (Not too soon, I hope. We still have quite a lot of preparations to do!) All that to say – if the baby shows up early or pregnancy fatigue gets the better of me, I might not manage to finish this challenge. But I think I have a good excuse!

Let’s do it.

I am looking forward to going on this little journey with you! Feel free to follow along, tell me about your favourite moments, books and projects of 2023 and what your hopes are for the next year. I am excited! I hope you are too.

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