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A Friday gratitude list

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I am writing this mostly to help myself have a more positive outlook on the day. Last night SJ came to my bed at 11pm, before I had a chance to fall asleep. We had some very restless sleep until 3am. Then both lay awake for an hour, turning from side to side. At 4am when SJ started to chatter incessantly I decided that it was futile and we got up.

To be honest, for the most part we had quite a sweet morning. She was stroking my baby bump and getting super amazed at feeling and seeing the baby move. We read some books. Did some crafts. Drank lots of milk and coffee. Around 6am I started to lose my patience over little things quite frequently, I apologised and asked for forgiveness, but my tiredness, snottiness and extreme headache were getting the better of me.

Which takes me to my first point of what I am thankful for:

A little gratitude list

  • I am so grateful that my mum came just after 7 to take SJ to nursery and I was able to go back to bed (where I am still lying now).
  • In the past, I have sometimes struggled to enjoy Christmas. The pressure to do certain things and feel a certain way and spend money on a bunch of stuff annoyed me. Plus the same terrible songs over and over! However, so far I have been loving the festive season. It is so fun to experience it alongside a two-year old! Also, my family decided to skip presents this year and so far I have only heard „All I want for Christmas“ once or twice on the radio. Winning.
  • Edd is coming home tomorrow! He has been away for two weeks and it has felt so long.
  • Plus, he is bringing his niece who we love a lot and I am excited to hang out with her for a few days.
  • Last week I went with a friend and our children to a kid‘s Christmas concert with Daniel Kallauch. I used to listen to his songs as a child and it was so sweet to be there with SJ.
  • This podcast episode in which Elise Joy explains her reasons and plans for quitting the Internet really moved me. I have followed her online for more than 10 years and have internalised so much of her wisdom and have been hugely inspired by the way she lives her life and prioritises creativity.
  • Most of my listening time is filled with podcasts and audiobooks but the other night I put on some music instead and this song touched my soul.
  • I can’t quite express how lucky I feel to live next door to my parents. They are so incredibly helpful and fun to be around. When I ask SJ at bedtime about her favourite moment of the day it normally involves them, even if we only saw them for a few minutes. I am so grateful for their support and friendship.
  • Over the last few weeks I have felt so inspired. I am still loving my 50 days of WIPs project (only 6 days left!) and I have so many ideas for the blog. I don’t always have the energy to put all my inspiration and ideas into action, but I love feeling like I am brimming with creativity.
  • I am grateful that I can spend this sick day in my warm bed resting, that I have a spicy chili con carne waiting for me in the fridge and just for all the blessings I so easily take for granted. What a gift to be safe, to live in a country that’s at peace, to have health insurance, to be a mother, to carry a new life inside me, to love and be loved.

Happy weekend all! I hope you are enjoying this advent season and have a moment to reflect on all the things you are thankful for.

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