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100 Day Project: Capture, write, share

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Today is the first day of the 100 day project. My life feels to chaotic to be able to commit something for the next 10 days, let alone the next 100. But I would love to be intentional about capturing a bit of what my life is like right now over the next three or so months.

My attempt at traditional memory keeping

Some years ago, in 2019 I started creating a scrapbook, following a method called “Project Life”. It involved creating a double-paged spread with photos, tickets and journal entries every week. I loved having a place to take hold of all my memories, capturing them, holding on to them. I still enjoy going back to the pages in the album, looking at the photos and maps and menus and whatever I stuck into the album to preserve for the future.

However, it was a very involved project. Every week I needed to print photos, cut them to size, stamp dates and glue things, etc. As 2019 was also the year where I spend four months away from home and Edd and I moved countries. Needless to say, I didn’t keep it up my Project Life Album.

Every now and again I think about picking it back up. But then I remember that I hardly have enough time to cook dinner or call my friends.

Blogging > Project Life

When I thought about it I realised that the thing I really loved about Project Life was not the arranging of photos or the taping of pretty washi tape. (Even though that is fun). What I loved was having a place for all the photos I took and all the words and thoughts in my mind.

So, the point I am trying to make is: why buy an album and washi tape when I might as well have a blog. Which I already do! Hurray.

I am hesitant to make big announcements of intentions here. I have proclaimed too many times that I would post more often and more regularly and then failed. So, instead I will tell you what I am hoping for. My desire is to utilise this space to do things that brings me joy. Writing. Capturing memories. Sharing thoughts and ideas and photos and projects.

My 100 project: 100 days of doing what I love

So, today starts the 100 Day Project. I have had several attempts at this project before but never succeeded. (Can you spot some sort of theme?) In many ways, I don’t have enough faith in myself to try again. But I cannot help to be inspired and tempted by the idea of participating. So my goal is this: Over the next 100 days I will sit down and write on most days.

I have learned about myself that shooting for progress rather than perfection yields better results. If I am too tired on day 4 due to another sleepless night with our toddler I won’t abandon the whole project. I will just pick things back up on day 5. After 100 days I might not have 100 written pieces, but maybe I will have 65. Or 30. Which is a lot more than none.

In this season of life I so often think: there will be time for this in a few years. But is that true? Yes, maybe motherhood will be slightly less involved. Maybe I will have a better handle on getting all the housework done. But chances are, there will be just as little time as there is now.

I strongly believe I have to try here and now, to live the way I want to live. To use the gifts I believe God gave me. To hone my craft, to practice, to set priorities. The time is now. Let’s do the things we love.

If you are interested in finding out more about the 100 Day Project you shoud visit the 100 Day Project website.

100 day project: write, capture, share
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