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I might sound like a broken record, but I honestly can’t quite believe how well my 100 Day Project is going. Including today, I have posted on 32 consecutive days. Pretty impressive, right?

It is one thing to write a blog post every day, it is another to promote them. Usually, I drop a link into my Instagram stories. However, besides that don’t do very much to advertise this content. Seeing that I put so much time and effort in writing something meaningful or fun every day, I do hope that people actually drop by to read (and hopefully enjoy) my blog posts.

I’ll keep you posted (if you want)

So, if you would like to stay up to date with what I am writing about each day, you can now sign up to my newsletter. My plan is to send out an email every Thursday with links to everything I have published that week. You can sign up for my mailing list below. You can obviously unsubscribe at any point, no hard feelings!

An overview

Maybe you want to catch up with some of the posts I have written or go back to a favourite. For that purpose, I have created an overview of everything I have published during my 100 Day Project.

22 February – 03 March // Days 1 – 10

  1. 100 Day Project: Capture, Write, Share. — How the idea for this 100 Day Project came to be.
  2. My 2023 goals.
  3. My goal setting process. — I am sharing some of what I have learned about goalsetting over the years.
  4. “Rebecca” by Daphne duMaurier – A book review.
  5. Highlights of my week #6 — Things that brought me joy during that week.
  6. Our garden in February.
  7. February. A review. — Sharing my wins and failures for the month plus how I set monthly goals.
  8. Life Update – February 2023. — Sharing some recent changes for our family.
  9. Reading report for January and February.
  10. How to get throug a bad day — my best tips to get out of a bad mood and make the best of a bad day.

04 March – 13 March // Days 11 – 20

  1. SJ at 18 monts – what I want to remember.
  2. Highlights of my week #7
  3. My simple morning routine – motherhood edition. — Veeery simple but life-giving.
  4. Two steps forward, one (two, three?) steps back. — A little rant about sleep deprivation.
  5. Equity + Motherhood – International Women’s Day. –A few of my thoughts on motherhood, feminisms and injustice.
  6. Projects in progress – March 2023. — Knitting and sewing projects I am currently working on.
  7. Adventures with SJ. Visiting a farm in the Black Forest.
  8. Let’s be still. — Maybe my favourite post. An invitation to take a deep breath and spend a few moments in God’s presence.
  9. Highlights of my week #8
  10. A blessing for your week #MondayMotivation. — A little benediction / encouragement from me to you.

14 March – 23 March // Days 21 – 31

  1. Easy Banana-Oat-Cookies
  2. Life Lately – March 2023. — Some of my favourite things right now.
  3. Wish list // Just for fun.
  4. I have too many hobbies. — An honest post about the fact, that I sometimes struggle with the way I am. I share some of my strategies and learning toward self-acceptance.
  5. 25 days of daily blogging. — Checking in with how my 100 day project is going so far.
  6. Highlights of my week #9
  7. Mother’s Day Pep talk. — A few encouragements that I often need to hear myself.
  8. I am tired today. — A raw answer to the question “how are you today?” plus a few fun links.
  9. Celebrating wins / Look at what I made! — Some finished projects!
  10. Does God have good plans? — Questions, doubts and an attempt to answer the question whether God has good plans for our lives.
  11. Spring is coming. – Lots of pictures of trees in bloom.

Did you have any posts that you enjoyed the most? I would love to hear what your favourites were and what kind of content you would like to read in the future! Feel free to comment below, send me a message or email me. Your support and feedback is so so valuable to me!

This is Day 32 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this postIf you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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