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Project Life: Week 1. Getting started.

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I have never really done scrapbooking before but for a long time, I have been wanting to do something with all the photos I take. Get them off my phone and computer and into a physical format that makes me look at them. Sticking photos into albums has never excited me all that much. However, this hybrid method of scrapbooking and a photo album that Project Life facilitates, really intrigued me.

So I gave it a go!

Project life week 1
Overview of my project life week 1 spread

Week 1 spread

This is my Project Life spread for the first week of the year. New Year’s Eve fell on a Monday and I loved including that day in my spread. This first week was easy and hard to create at the same time. We did a lot, so I had lots of good photos – but it was difficult to choose.

Project life week 1
Project life week 1

In the top left, I created a little card with the date. Underneath is a photo of my dear friends Andy and Elanor and their most adorable dog Peanut. Underneath a picture of Edd and our good friend Sean, who also joined us in celebrating NYE.

During the week I finished off a hat that had been sitting in my knitting basket for a while. (The only thing left do was to weave in the ends which only took 10 minutes…) I documented this little achievement by adding some of the leftover yarn in a pocket.

Project life week 1

Next to the date card, I added my goals for January.

For Christmas Edd got me an Instax mini camera. I have been playing around with it quite a bit during the holidays. One of the photos failed slightly (I held my hand in front of the camera…). I decided to repurpose the black image and added a verse from the Bible to it. I wrote out Philippians 4:7, which is the verse that inspired me to choose Peace as my word for the year.

Project life week 1

The beginning of a new year often includes a bit of reflection on the last year, so I added a picture of my 9 most liked posts from my instagram account.

Project life week 1
Project life week 1

Travel photos and little, precious moments

The first picture of the second half documents our journey to South England where we visited some of our family. We set off super early which paid off! We saw this beautiful sunset. During the journey, I continued knitting my Cartagena sweater.

Underneath a selfie Edd and I took with the Instax mini. Beside it I put a quote that I pulled from an old calendar that was included in a flow magazine two years ago. I love that Project Life gives me a place to put all my little bits of pretty paper.

Project life week 1

I then also added a picture of a sunset we saw on a walk in Burgess Hill. Below a snapshot of my first run of the year on the first of January. Beside it I wrote out some bullet points of what we did during the week.

The last picture shows Edd with his aunt, uncle and cousins. It’s not a great picture in terms of lighting but I love that I was able to capture the lovely afternoon we spent with them. Finally, I included some more journaling on a card. I used a little flag to embellish it from the Bohemian value kit.

Project life week 1

Week 1 of project life: my takeaways

First week in and I am in love with this project! I really didn’t expect to like it that much. It is great as it does not require tons of time but allows the creative play I need. Especially during this busy season I love having this little outlet.

Speaking of busy – I don’t intend to be overly strict with myself to create a spread every single week. It would be great to continuously document that way and I will try to do so. But it doesn’t matter if I miss one week. In five years time when I flick through this album, I won’t care that there is nothing for the third week of February. I will be excited about the 40 pages that document what our life looked like in 2019. It is called “Project Life” afterall – and sometimes life gets busy!

Project life 2019

If you want to learn more about project life, check out Becky Higgins website, who is the creator of this ingenious method.


Supplies: I am using the 12 x 12 American crafts faux leather album. All the cards and embellishments are from the Bohemian Value Kit. Page protectors are by Becky Higgins, I got mine here.

Getting started with Project Life
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