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Goal Review for 2022 – Halfway Point

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It is the 30th of June today, meaning we are officially half-way through 2022. I thought it would be a good day to do a goal review for 2022 so far and see what has become of my plans and hopes for the year. Setting goals is one thing, but in my experience in order to make any sort of progress it is vital to regularly recap on how things are going.

How to do a goal review

My method to do a goal review is as follows:

  • Grab pen and paper
  • Write out each of my goals
  • Note down what I have achieved so far for each of the goals
  • Evaluate what is going well and what isn’t and why
  • Decide what changes I want or need to make or whether to abandon a goal

What is important during this process is to show kindness and grace to myself. I don’t set goals because I think I am more deserving of love when I achieve them. For me, goal-setting and working toward them is fun. I like new challenges and I want to be intentional with how I spend my time. Reviewing your goals should not be an excuse to beat yourself up for not achieving what you set out to do.

My progress toward my 2022 goals

For 2022 I didn’t set a ton of goals. Looking after a baby costs much more time and energy than I had anticipated and I have had very little time for much else. Even with my modest goal-setting, I am still lagging behind on almost everything. I am alright with that! I know that this intense season of motherhood is temporary. SJ won’t always want to be around me (or on me!), even in a few years she will be much more independent and spend more time out of the house. I want to savour and enjoy this time rather than wish it away.

6-month goal review

Alright here it goes! These were my goals for 2022:

1)    Try out 12 different bread recipes.

So, even though I took a couple of pictures for Instagram of some of the bread I made, I didn’t really keep track of the bread I baked. Thinking about it now, I should have gotten a little notebook to write down what I tried out and how it went. (I had some bread-baking failures!)

However, I think I did try 4 recipes, most of them I made more than once. My favourite so far were these delicious spelt sourdough rolls. Sadly, I haven’t managed to keep my sourdough starter alive… I definitely want to try again though!

During the last weeks It has been pretty hot here, so I haven’t felt tempted to turn on the oven, but I am hoping I can make some more progress towards this once autumn comes round.

2)    Knit twelve, i.e. six pairs of socks.

This one is going pretty well! I have been knitting pretty consistently. It’s been great. I learned a new method of making the heel and am currently working on a rather tricky colourwork pattern. Seeing that we are half way through the year I should have made six socks by now. So far, I have 5 and a half! So I am counting that as aa win!

3)    Walk daily.

Well. I started of pretty strong, even increasing my step goal by a little each month. However, for some reason at the end of March my pelvic pain took a turn for the worse again and walking has become quite painful which has led me to mostly avoiding it.

I am pretty gutted about this. I miss exercising, especially cardio. Since the outdoor pool has re-opened I have been going swimming again, which has been rather wonderful. I also might try cycling a bit more, but walking is not on the cards for now. I will probably abandon this goal for now.

4)    Memory keeping.

Specifically, print photos and write down some of the precious moments with SJ I want to remember. Hmm. Taking a lot of photos (and videos!) is the easy part. However, I haven’t gotten many photos printed and around zero of the few that I have printed made it into an album. (I have bought an album though!)

Developing some sort of strategy to record some more memories is still something I am keen on. I would love for my weekly journals to become a regular instalment here on the blog, as they are a great way to capture and share some of our everyday life together.

5)    Read 50 books.

I think this goal was a bit overambitious. So far I have read 18 books, meaning that I am 7 books behind schedule. When SJ was still breastfeeding a lot more and for longer, I often read then. However, these days she often only drinks for 3 – 5 minutes and if I try to read she gets very distracted by the book or e-reader.

Also, I think I have kind of fallen out of the habit of reading these last few weeks. We moved house, I started work and in all the busy-ness I didn’t pick up a book once. I definitely want to change that. But maybe I will just aim to read 40 books this year instead of 50.

Now it is your turn to do a goal review

Have you done a half-way goal review for 2022 yet? How are things going? I would love to hear about it!

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