Weekly highlights: solo-parenting, the arrival of spring + baking with my toddler

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It has been a little while since I have shared one of these highlights posts! I love to look back on my week and reflect on everything that has happened and choose gratitude for all the good.

After weeks of Edd, SJ and L taking turns on constantly being ill it finally was my turn! It started with a sore throat, then came the fatigue, headaches and a terrible cough that still lingers.

Edd was away but luckily I had quite a lot of support with housework and my parents had us over for lunches and dinners and kept SJ entertained while I rested for a bit.

Despite being ill, it was still a pretty good week!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • L is a super smiley baby and seeing her face light up when we talk to her never gets old.
  • Another thing that never gets old is seeing how much SJ and L already love each other. Whenever SJ wakes up or comes home she first wants to see her little sister. She doesn’t quite understand yet that her version of “row your boat” is a bit too wild for the baby and that dragging her sister by her legs isn’t overly appreciated but on the whole she does so well!
  • Monday and Tuesday I spent most of the morning while SJ was at nursery in bed or on the sofa, snoozing, knitting, reading and cuddling the baby. I guess I could spend a morning like this every now and then without being ill but it rarely happens. It was nice to just relax, choose to not feel guilty and instead take care of myself.
  • Before L was born I was quite worried about doing bedtime with two kids when Edd is in the UK. However, so far it has been great. L often falls asleep while I read SJs bedtime story and SJ really loves snuggling her sister before bed. It’s such a sweet time for all of us.
  • For a few days this week it felt like spring had finally arrived! It was super sunny and warm and we spent a whole afternoon in my parent’s garden. SJ helped her grandma with some digging and L slept very happily.
  • Thursday and Friday SJ wasn’t at nursery and it was actually really nice to spend the whole day with both girls at home. We went to the local family centre for lunch on Thursday, visited the library and rode the bus.
  • On Friday we went to the playground and had our first ice cream date of the season. (And rode the bus again! SJ is a big fan of public transportation.)
  • After having been in a bit of a reading slump I finally finished a book this week and started another! Friday night I read the last pages of “The Measure” by Nikki Erlick which was excellent. Straight afterwards, I started reading the Hunger Games and am already 100 pages in.
  • I got lots of things second hand for the girls this week: a ton of clothes, shoes, a game and some peppa pig puzzles. I find it really satisfying to save money and do something good for our planet.
  • With SJ being home we had lots of time for crafts and we did some water colour painting. Watching her being creative is so fun.
  • We also made two cakes this week – chocolate on Tuesday afternoon which we shared with my parents. On Saturday morning we made a lemon drizzle cake to celebrate Edd’s birthday – it’s one of his favourites.
  • On Saturday Edd came home! We had a great day. First we hung out at home, eating cake and playing games. Then, we went for a walk to the playground followed by dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant. SJ was super well-behaved and charmed all the staff.
  • Sadly, I didn’t sleep very well during the night and felt quite rough on Sunday morning. So, Edd took SJ to the zoo. L and I took some naps at home. In the afternoon we had some birthday celebrations for Edd with my family which was lovely.

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