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Checking in with my Word for the Year

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Can you believe we are already a quarter into 2024? I actually can – first of January feels like a long time ago. Little L was still in my tummy which is hard to imagine now.

The first three months of this year brought big changes for our family and much joy. But there was also a good amount of worrying, much tiredness and learning to adjust, which is not always easy.

My word for 2024

My desire for 2024 was more connection. I wanted to get closer to Jesus, to invest in my friendships and to stay in touch with myself and make time for hobbies and self-care.

According to these standards, 2024 actually has been a pretty good year.

Connected to God

I recently wrote about how I feel really refreshed in my faith. In many ways this wasn’t due to my own efforts but feels like a gift from God.

Connected to people

Over the last few weeks with giving birth and having to spend some time in hospital we were absolutely showered with love and kindness from our friends. It’s been humbling and really lovely to feel so cherished and supported. I am so grateful to be blessed with so many wonderful people around us and really want to try and be a good friend myself. I think I still have a lot to learn here.

Connected to myself

Looking after a newborn and a toddler is full-on and it can be easy to lose oneself in the whirlwind of constant nappy changes, nursing, dealing with tantrums, making snacks and being sleep-deprived.

We have been super lucky as L is such a chill baby and a great sleeper. It meant that I was able to nap when she does or have some time to myself. Plus, I generally don’t do chores beyond a quick tidy of the kitchen once the girls are in bed. Instead I spend this time hanging out with Edd, knitting, reading and listening to podcasts.

Another word for the year?

So, “connected” has been great so far. However, a word I have also felt really close to and think about all the time is “Hope”.

It’s Ls middle name and something we are praying for her life to reflect: may she always have hope and spread the hope and light of Jesus wherever she goes.

Staying hopeful despite everything

The circumstances surrounding her birth and first weeks of life also really filled me with hope in a new way. Hope in God’s love, care and mercy for us. And hope for this world – to keep fighting and praying for our planet, for peace and justice.

I think in recent years I gave up hope often. What difference do my efforts and pleas make to the environment? What power do I have against right-wing ideas, oppression, injustice?

I still don’t know. But I won’t give up hope.

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