4 things that have refreshed my faith lately

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I’m a routines person. Following the same steps each morning and night to start and wind down the day helps me fight decision-fatigue, makes me feel calm and productive and brings me joy.

For many years connecting with Jesus has been a very structured routine as well. It used to happen first thing in the morning, ideally before anyone else is up. I had a plan with daily readings and a schedule with prayer topics.

This approach is probably too rigid for many people but served me well for many years. But then SJ was born. She is two and a half years now and has never slept through the night.

Waking up early is no longer an option when you have a baby or toddler that decide to start the day at 5 am or who only stay asleep when their cradled in your arms. So my beloved quiet time stopped happening.

Motherhood = no more quiet time?

During the past two and a half years I have tried to create routines that resembled my previous ones. Some of it worked – like my 7 minute morning routine I shared about previously but most of it didn’t.

Alone time was scarce. Following a daily reading plan was frustrating because I could never keep up. Often I just felt too tired to focus. And the more I was “out of routine” the harder I found it to find the motivation or even remember to try.

Are motherhood and a consistent quiet time just not compatible? Or did I not try hard enough? I don’t like this term but somehow becoming a mother had thrown me into a “spiritual dry season”.

When the old way stops working it’s time for something new

At the beginning of this year I really felt a strong desire to be closer to Jesus. I wanted to know more about him, to live my life according to his teachings and to share his love with others. So I prayed and asked for his help. Of course, I also set goals and made plans. Spoiler: none of my habit trackers and new highlighters made a difference. I still struggled to regularly make time to be with Jesus.

However, God heard my prayer. And he completely surprised me and met me in ways that I didn’t expect. He isn’t constrained by my efforts, lack of time or my tiredness. In his kindness, he met me where I am.

1. Community

I shared before that I have been immensely blessed by being part of a small group. We met every two weeks, to eat, chat, read the Bible and pray together.

In recent months I have experienced God’s intervention in amazing ways whenever I reached out to them to ask for prayer for a situation.

It made me feel seen by God but also very loved by my group of friends who took their time to pray for me.

2. The sermon on the mount

I regularly listen to the Bible Project podcast. In 2024 they are taking the entire year to study and meditate on the sermon on the mount. In their app they share weekly readings and background videos to help with this endeavour.

It’s been absolutely amazing to meditate and think so deeply about these few passages. To really try to understand what Jesus wanted to communicate. What this says about him and his kingdom. I have been challenged and blown away by what I discovered so far. I can highly recommend checking out the series!

3. “The Chosen”

In the podcast Tim and John interview the maker of the TV series “The Chosen”. I was intrigued by his answers and decided to check out the show. I know I am very late to the party but it didn’t take me long to be completely hooked.

Since I was a child I learned about the gospel and the life of Jesus but seeing it brought to life in this way has moved me so much. There were a number of episodes that made me cry and the whole thing has just made me feel so much closer to Jesus.

4. Worship Wednesday

On my Instagram I have shared a few times about Worship Wednesday with Lou and Nathan Fellingham. They do a half hour worship session that is broadcasted live on their YouTube and Facebook. Their musical skill, the song choices and words are making me so excited to praise God.

If you can’t tune in live all their previous session are on their YouTube channel.

What about you?

Have you experienced Jesus in a different way lately? I would love to hear about it!

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