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My simple morning routine – motherhood edition

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Early in 2020 I published a blog post about my morning routine then. It seems pretty other-worldly to me now. I don’t mind getting up early and I used to love the early hours of the day. The quiet, the solitude, starting the day with Scripture and prayer. Since becoming a mum, my priorities in the morning have shifted – I just try to get as much sleep as I can! Also, getting out of bed without SJ waking up is basically impossible and “quiet solitude” is pretty rare these days.

As a consequence, I have found it much more difficult to make time to connect with Jesus. One of my desires for 2023 is to be rooted in Christ and abide in him. So, I have come up with a “mini morning routine”. I don’t do this routine every single day. Sometimes it’s less of a morning thing and instead happens at midday or at night. But on most mornings I take a few moments to go through it. This simple morning routine has made me feel a lot more connected with God again, which is the aim!

I am pretty sure other mothers (and fathers!) might be facing similar struggles. Hopefully me sharing my simple morning routine will encourage you. It might inspire you to do something small yourself that helps you re-focus on Jesus. One thing I find super important to remember is that routines and quiet times do not earn us any favour with God. They are helpful tools to draw near to him, but he does not love us more or less depending on when our alarm goes off or how often we have read through the Bible.

My super simple morning routine

So let’s look at this little routine, shall we?

1 // Coffee, candle + quiet

To begin, I sit down at our office desk, light a candle and just take a couple of deep breaths. I try not to think too much about anything but instead let go of all the clamour in my head. For me, there is so much value in just being still before God. I do this for about a minute or two, so it’s not a lengthy thing at all.

2 // Word

Next, I read the “Losungen”. It’s a little book that gives two Bible verses for each day, one from the Old and one from the New Testament. I read the verses out loud and sometimes I look them up in a different translation but not always.

3 // Prayer

I then spend a few minutes talking to God. I thank him for the good, bring him my worries, the things that are on my mind, I ask for his blessing and protection for my family and friends.

4 // Plan

Finally, I open up my bullet journal, plan out my day and check off my habit tracker. (I shared a bit more about this here).

Small offerings, lots of grace

All of this takes me around 10 minutes. When I first planned it out, I called it my “7 minute morning routine”. After having spend years where I had an hour most morning to study the Bible and pray, it felt like a silly goal. However, the amazing thing is, that even if I only spend two minutes reading two Bible verses I come away encouraged. Often the texts for the day are so fitting for whatever is on my mind that day, it’s actually amazing. God’s grace is so much bigger than my commitment. It’s humbling but wonderful.

Do you have a set morning routine? What does it look like?

This is Day 13 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this postIf you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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