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Happy birthday Edd!

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It’s my husband Edd’s birthday today. He is in England for work and we are in Germany so sadly we couldn’t wake him up with singing, cake and candles.

In many ways Edd and I are very different but we are both words people. We like to talk, read and write. And we like hearing words of encouragement and praise.

So, I decided to write an Edd appreciation post! There is so much I could say but here are just five things I love about Edd:

Edd has a great sense of humour.

Even if you have only met Edd once and briefly it is very likely he has made you laugh. Arguably, many of his jokes aren’t great, but he manages to deliver them in a way that will crack most people up.

No one gets SJ to giggle as much as her daddy. He brings fun and humour to every situation and it brightens up my life so much.

Edd is a loyal friend.

One thing that I have loved about being married to Edd is his ability to make friends and maintain those friendships. He makes people feel welcome, is great and starting conversations, he gets in touch with people regularly and easily maintains friendships with people he hasn’t seen in years.

He is the person people go to when they are going through a rough time. When they have messed up. When they need advice, encouragement or ideas on how to solve a problem. He doesn’t judge, has an open ear and mind and is full of compassion and kindness.

Edd never stops learning.

Edd is very intelligent and interested in understanding how the world works. He is constantly reading, talking to people and expanding his horizon. I have never met anyone who seeks to be challenged as much as he does. He exposes himself to new ideas and to criticism. And then he ponders those things, reflects, takes an honest look at himself and then works hard to change or adjust if necessary. It’s a remarkable ability that inspires me a lot.

Edd is a wonderful father.

As mentioned before, Edd manages to make SJ laugh like no one else. He gets the most smiles from our baby L. His ability to divert moodiness and tantrums with creativity, kindness and jokes is amazing. He listens and comforts and explains.

Over the last two and a bit years he has become an expert at changing nappies, packing toddler approved picnics and making bath time the most fun. He builds the best forts and comes up with new games to play on a daily basis.

And it’s an absolute joy to co-parent alongside him.

Edd is very good looking, a great husband, my best friend and my favourite person ever.

There is not much more to say! Happy birthday Edd! You are very loved!

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