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I am beyond tired right now. Pregnancy and sleep do not seem to go together very well at this stage.

However, despite not having slept more than around five hours on any night last week, today was a pretty good day.

A little gratitude list

  • This morning I had an ultrasound appointment and everything is looking good with the baby. It was lying breech (with the head up) at the last check-up and I had gotten quite worried about that. However, today I learned that the baby did in fact turn around! It was also really nice to listen to the babies heartbeat.
  • After some very grey and rainy days we had some sunshine today! SJ and I spent some time outside, enjoying the nice weather. She rode on her scooter and bike and jumped on our neighbours trampoline.
  • Then, we stopped by my parent’s house for a brief visit. They were looking after my nephews today and SJ absolutely adores them.
  • SJ and I cooked together which makes everything take longer but it is rather fun! For Christmas, we got her a Montessori chopping set and she loves getting involved with food prep.
  • Whilst our food was in the oven Edd played with SJ and I spent some time chilling on my own reading in my brand new Bible, which has arrived today.
  • I made some very delicious dinner today! A quiche lorraine plus salad from our own garden! Dinner was a bit annoying though as SJ has a thing about refusing to try new food which I find extremely annoying. However, I am very grateful to not have to parent on my own in these moments.
  • SJ is dropping her mid-day nap right now… It’s a long afternoon without any time to myself but she fell asleep within minutes just then and slept in until after 7am today. She still doesn’t sleep through the night yet, but I am remaining hopeful!

How was your day today? Are there any moments or things you are particularly grateful for?

This post is day 10 of my 12 days of blogmas challenge. You can learn more about it here.

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