Friday Joys

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It’s Friday! My goal was to publish a post every day this week Monday to Friday. I guess with this one I’ll have 3 out of 5, which is more than half. I will count that as a success haha.

Here’s a list of things that brought me joy this week, inspired me and that I am looking forward to.

Some Friday Favourites

  • It has been a good week, but I am so so ready for Edd to be home. He arrives tomorrow morning and SJ and I are super excited.
  • Right now, SJ is obsessed with her tricycle bike. She needs a lot of exercise and I am so grateful for this easy way to spend time outside together.
  • Last weekend my dad, SJ and I went to a little animal park and it was just lovely.
  • Riding my bike sparks lots of joy. Even if at the moment I only cycle short distances (to nursery or the playground) but the wind in my hair and the sun on my face always make me feel happier.
  • SJ and I went for a walk along the river and fed the ducks on Monday. There were some little ducklings and it was all very exciting.
  • Going for ice cream is always a good idea.
  • One of my favourite podcasts is “The Lazy Genius Podcast” by Kendra Adachi. This week I listened to an episode about dealing with differences on how something is done. It felt like marriage counselling. Ha! Would highly recommend. (Especially for those out there who, like me, know the right way to do almost any task.)
  • Every day this week I ate at least one tomato from our garden. They are so delicious. And there is just something about growing food that excites me so much.
  • These days, all I want to do still is read. I am currently making my way through the ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Maas and it is great. (I published a post with reviews of all my recent reads on Tuesday by the way.)
  • Today was the first day of SJs summer holidays. Her nursery is now closed for the next four weeks. I was initially a bit nervous about juggling full-time childcare with work and a husband in the final weeks before his PhD deadline but now I am mostly excited for lots of quality time with my favourite girl.
  • To celebrate the start of the summer holidays we made pancakes this morning using this recipe. They were delicious!
  • Next week it is SJs second birthday. I am really looking forward to celebrate her! She is so great and I feel so privileged to be her Mama.

How has your week been?

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  • Reply Kinjal 6 August 2023 at 10:06 am

    Awww happy birthday to SJ for next week! My youngest turns 2 in November; it’s a lovely age right now :)!

    Hope the childcare work juggle goes ok, it is a lot to have constant split attention, and don’t forget to give both of you lots and lots of grace (easier said than done!)❤️

    It’s my first year growing tomatoes and they’re still green here in London, but it has been so amazing to watch them grow from seeds to these 3 foot tall plants! Your tomatoes look lush 😀

    Love the idea of end of the week joys list. I will write one up today in my journal 😀

    • Reply Britta 6 August 2023 at 11:38 am

      Thank you! It is a very lovely age indeed 🙂
      And yes, I find it so crazy how a little tiny seed grows into such a big plant. Kind of miraculous.

    I love hearing from you