Highlights of my week #18

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It finally feels like summer is coming! The weather this week has been wonderful – sunny, warm, but not hot. So lovely.

It would be absolutely perfect if it wasn’t for hayfever. Somehow I forget about it every year and get so excited about the blooms and the warmer weather until suddenly my nose runs without ceasing, my eyes water, my ears are itchy and my throat feels funny all the time.

Big sigh! Okay, I am done feeling sorry for myself…!

Let’s move on to some of this week’s highlights!

  • With the weather being so nice, we spent quite a bit of time outside. Last Sunday we did some weeding in the garden and played in the sandpit and on our front lawn with SJ. I am so grateful for our beautiful home with so much green around it.
  • Also – our balcony is one of my favourite places these days. It’s south-facing so gets lots of sun which is wonderful in spring.
  • I know that parents being overly smitten with their kids can be slightly annoying but I sometimes just cannot get over how cute SJ is. Edd sometimes watches “The hungry caterpillar” with her and she loves helping me with the washing. I mean – look at her!
  • On Monday afternoon SJ, my good friend Carla, her little daughter and I cycled to Switzerland to hang out on a super nice playground by the water. We met up with another friend we went to school with another and had a lovely time.
  • On Tuesday I hang out with my friend Sylwia. We had coffee and cake and walked her dog in the woods. We always have super interesting conversations which I appreciate so much.
  • In the afternoon my friends Carla and Miri and their baby girls visited SJ and me and we had a lovely time together.
  • I loved my outfit on Wednesday!
  • In the evening, my dad and a colleague of his threw a big party to celebrate their retirements. The celebration was held in the same venue Edd and I had our wedding reception and it’s always fun to go back there. They do really good food! It was a great evening. SJ was super well behaved and everyone was delighted by her. (I mean – how can you not?!)
  • On Thursday and Friday Edd and I went to a pop-up co-working space in our village for work. I quite like working from home, but it was nice to have a change of scenery, drink some good coffee and meet some new people who live locally.
  • Friday afternoon some good friends came by with their two-week old baby. It was so lovely to hold the little baby and Sarina was completely fascinated. Life is such a miracle!
  • In the evening a couple of people from our small group met for dinner in my parents garden. It felt so summery to eat outside and hang out in the sandpit after with all the kids.
  • Saturday we started packing – tomorrow we are travelling to England for a bit over a week and we cannot wait!
  • Much more fun than packing – we went out for ice cream in the afternoon. Since last year we have a local ice cream shop and we frequent the place quite a lot!
  • I spent most evenings going to bed pretty early – hayfever is making me so tired! But I managed to make a bit of progress on my Moby sweater – it’s such a fun knit!

What are some of your highlights this week?

This is Day 96 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this post. If you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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