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My goals for 2024

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Last week, I shared a bit about why I set goals. Not to become more worthy or better. Instead, my focus lies on making room for the things that make me feel joyful and that are good for my mind, body and soul. Also, I just really like planning. To-do lists and habit trackers and crossing things off are my thing. Any occassion like the end and beginning of a year to reflect and set some intentions gets me very excited. So, here we are! Let’s set some goals for 2024.

Earlier this year I shared a whole post on my process of setting goals. I won’t reiterate too much of what I shared there but if you would like some background or guidance do check out that post. However, in that post I talk about a bunch of categories that I use to think through my life. I normally aim to set one or two goals per category.

Goals for 2024

Faith + Spirituality

I have previously talked about wanting to spend more time reading the Bible. This year, I am taking Brooke Petermann‘s “A Bible for a Year” course. It basically encourages you to use your Bible in a way that requires you getting a new one the following year. Highlight things, take notes, draw pictures – really engage with the text in a tangible way. I love this idea and know that I remember things better when I write them down. And it feels like turning my Bible into a scrap-book slash journal which I just love.

My goal is to open my Bible with a pen in my hand every day. Even if I just read one single verse and write one single word. I want to read and respond. Unfortunately, the Bible I have ordered for this project hasn’t been delivered yet, but I am excited to get started properly when it does. I think you can still sign up for the course – it’s not too late to get started.

Marriage + Parenting

Our family is growing this year! Right now, the due date of baby #2 is less than three weeks away! It’s easy to look at this season and think “I just want to survive”. However, I want to thrive. I want to enjoy all the messy magical moments of motherhood. I want to be kind to my husband, my children and myself. This is a very non-tangible goal and will be difficult to evaluate at the end of the year.

I do have a list of things I hope we can achieve, but I am holding them very lightly:

  • A monthly date night. Get a babysitter for SJ and take the baby with us or leave both children and get out the house for two hours. Even if it is just to go to a restaurant down the road. But I want to prioritise time alone with Edd.
  • I might write more about this at a later stage but I feel quite passionately about not putting SJ in front of a screen. We use video calls and show her photos but I don’t put a show or a film on for her. I want to stick to this even when the new baby is here and TV might feel like an easy option to get some rest.
  • When SJ was a newborn we used breastfeeding as a solution to everything. When she cried and we couldn’t figure out within five minutes why, I just gave her milk. This didn’t seem to have harmed her, but it was extremely exhausting for me. I’d like to get on a feeding schedule as quickly as possible with the new baby. And I really don’t want to get caught in a situation again where my child only sleeps when they are attached to my boob.

Family + Friends

This is an area I really would like to prioritise. I recently realised that I am quite lonely often and also, that I haven’t been a great friend on many occasions. “Be a better friend” is quite an overwhelming and vague resolution, so instead my goal is to reach out to a friend every single day. Plus, to not take longer than three days to respond to messages people send me.

Church + Outreach

  • Go to church at least once per month.
  • Do a Bible study with a friend.
  • Attend small group as much as possible.

The Blog!

Guys. I am tempted to do another 100 days of blogging challenge. Ha! I know. I am having a baby. So this is probably a crazy idea. And I won’t commit to it at this point. But I am seriously considering it…

Either way, I do want to publish at least one post each month.

Health + Fitness

I would like to swim once per week. Obviously, this won’t be possible straight after giving birth, but as soon as I get the all clear, I’d like to get back into the pool!

Also, being outside – whether it is walking or cycling or simly hanging out on the playground – always makes me feel good. I like the idea of tracking hours spent outdoors and shooting for a specific target such as 1,000 hours or something. However, it seems a bit too much to keep track of. So instead, I am just going to shoot for: spend some time outside at least 4 days each week.

Hobbies + Creativity

I am on a real knitting high right now which I would like to continue. However, I do know that caring for a newborn doesn’t necessarily involve lots of time with my handsfree. But it would be pretty great to finish my Hyldebear Shawl that I am working on right now and also knit one jumper or cardigan for myself.

Also, I’d like to sew at least one garment.

Reading + Learning

  • Read 36 books.
  • Continue listening to my daily and weekly news podcasts.

Home, Admin + Finance

After nearly two years in our current flat I’d like to finally get some art for our bedroom – either some big frames or put together a gallery wall. Also, I want to hang some of my handcrafted macramé planthangers.

One thing that is an absolute saving grace for me is to do a “closing shift” each night before heading to bed. Turn on the diswhasher, wipe down the table and countertops, pick up toys in the living room, put away laundry. Waking up to a relatively tidy space and a clean kitchen sets me up for a much better day. Most likely, I will be tempted to skip this, but especially in the weeks where Edd is gone I want to keep doing this favour to my future self.

Aaaand, that’s all. We shall see how it goes. I am excited!

Have you set any goals for 2024? I would really like to hear about them.

This post is day 9 of my 12 days of blogmas challenge. You can learn more about it here.

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