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Planning Playbook – Spring 2024

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You might know that I am a big fan of Kendra Adachi, also known as the Lazy Genius. She is an author and a podcaster who shares practical advice on managing daily life and making space for the things that matter to you. In a recent podcast episode Kendra shares a “playbook” for planning the upcoming season. I love planning so I thought I’d give this appraoch a try and share it here with you.

The planning playbook

Rather than jumping straight into planning mode, Kendra advises to take a moment to look around, look back and look ahead. Kendra gives a couple of concrete questions for each of these and I shall now work through them. Let’s do it.

Look around

Where am I right now? What is going on in my life this upcoming season, whether tangible or emotional, that will impact my energy and time, and therefore decisions you’ll make about them?

In the spring of 2024 I am on maternity leave. I am newly postpartum with my second child. Having a baby means that things change all the time. Routines exist for a few weeks and then fall apart and then new ones are formed. Or something that resembles a routine.

Currently, with Edd’s job we are in a rythm where he works from home one week and is in the UK the following one. Our days look slightly different depending on him being in Germany or England. During his week’s at home I often get to stay in bed longer, as he takes SJ to nursery. But I also spend more time cooking and tidying because there is one extra person around. In my week’s of solo-parenting I have less energy due to less sleep but often get time in the evenings for hobbies or catch-ups.

Other than all that, warmer weather and more daylight hours are up ahead. This means more energy but also hayfever… So, all in all possibly a zero-sum game? We will see!

Look back

What can you learn from last spring that might impact how you live your life this season?

The main thing I remember from last spring was doing my 100 Day Project. I loved the routine of writing everyday. I felt connected to myself and got such a positive response which was so encouraging.

I remember really relishing spring. I was planting things in our garden, cycling everywhere and taking so many pictures of blooming trees. Last spring I was very much on the sourdough bandwagon. There was much joy but I also suffered a miscarriage which was very painful.

A lot changed since last season. We have two children now! And life with a 2.5 year old is vastly different to parenting a 1.5 year old. (Harder but also really good.) A new baby and some lingering pregnancy ailments mean that gardening and cycling aren’t really on the cards right now. And generally, there is a lot less me-time now than last year.

Look ahead

Is there something I am already dreading? What are you stressing over? Is there anything I am excited or that I am hoping for? Can I do something to create more joy this season?

Right. I am dreading that Edd has an upcoming trip to the UK that will last two weeks. He will fly home for the weekend but still. He is gone right now and L has a cold and SJ had a tummy bug and it’s been hard. I am veeery tired right now.

A very good friend of mine will visit me in the beginning of May and I am very excited. Also, spring is my favourite time of the year. I always have such clarity of mind, I have 1000 ideas and the blooms and fresh green everywhere bring me so much joy.

In order to induce this season with an extra dose of joy I am hoping to do the following things:

  • Participate in “A week in the Life” which is happening in two weeks time
  • Sew something. (I would love to make another Hinterland dress or the June Pants. Maybe both?!)
  • Pick some daisies and put them in a vase for our kitchen table
  • Eat lots of strawberries and asparagus
  • Sit on our balcony as often as possible

There you have it! These are the things I will consider when making my spring plans. I have found looking around, back and forward and thinking through these questions very helpful. Maybe you will too? Definitely check out the podcast episode, Kendra does a much better job at explaining the planning playbook.

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