Weekly highlights: spring weather, free stuff + a trip to Ikea

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Okay, full disclosure – this week was looong. Edd was in the UK this week and his absence was felt a lot.

Sleep deprivation and a mini disaster

I had quite a few nights where I was awake with L for up to an hour around midnight and then from 3:30 am or 4 am for another hour. And then SJ was ready to start the day around 5:45 am or earlier… I was TIRED.

Then, we had our absolute highlight (NOT) when we were stuck in traffic and SJ threw up in the car. Which then was followed by a lot of wailing from both children. The smell in the car was also quite something.

I was worried that SJ had a tummy bug so kept her home from nursery on Friday. It was not my best day as a mother. My patience was very limited and I had zero energy for coming up with fun games. Sleep deprivation is not bringing out my best side.

However, we also had a lot of great moments this week. It’s easy to slip into an attitude of self-pity when in reality there are countless things to be grateful for.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from this last week:

  • On Monday the weather was beautiful and we spent the whole afternoon at the park with SJs best friend and her mum and we had the loveliest time together enjoying the sunshine and good conversation.
  • On Tuesday morning I met up with a friend at the local family centre. We had breakfast, chatted lots and met some other mums. And I got a tricycle for free that someone had donated. A very successful morning indeed!
  • In the afternoon we played at home, listening to audiobooks and doing some crafts. It was super chill.

  • Due to my pelvic pain issues I am still unable to carry much or push a hoover etc. We therefore have someone coming by a few times a week to help me with housework and grocery shopping. The lady that helps me right now is super kind and so efficient and I feel immensely grateful for her support.
  • On Wednesday my mum picked up SJ from nursery and took her to her kid’s gymnastics class. That meant I had some extra time to get stuff done and to just hang out with baby L. She is so fun. Rolling over and already wanting to practice sitting. She has the cutest smile and her cooing and “talking makes me very happy.
  • On Thursday we took the fateful trip to Ikea. Up until the drive home we had quite a fun time. And miraculously no melt-downs over cuddly toys that I refused to buy. I would call that a big win!
  • I was also extremely grateful to have my parents help when I arrived at home with my sad, sick-covered toddler and a screaming baby.
  • After the chaos of the afternoon I actually got a moment where both girls were sleeping, the car seat had been cleaned and the sun was still up. I sat on our balcony for a little while and read the first chapter of Jess Connolly’s new book “Tired of Being Tired”. It was marvellous.
  • The Friday was mostly exhausting but we had wonderful weather and spent some hours in the garden which made everyone happier.
  • On Saturday Edd finally got home! After picking him up we went for coffee all together and in the afternoon met up with some friends for a walk to a nearby playground in Switzerland.
  • Sunday we visited to Zoo and then headed to church. Again, the weather was super warm and sunny. Winter is definitely over now!
  • In the afternoon we visited my parents for a while, bathed both girls, cooked dinner and played.
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