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February Favourites and March Goals

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February, despite being the shortest month of the year, felt incredibly long. The weather here in Blackpool has been pretty grey and cold and I somehow picked up another cold which I was not impressed by. On top of that, I was pretty homesick which is never fun.

However, I write these posts to shift my focus on the positive things because I believe there is always something to be grateful for. So let’s talk about some favourites!


Winter is such a great time for citrus. I have been eating so many oranges, people actually started making comments. But I love them. So juicy and delicious and lots of vitamin C and so beautifully round and colourful. Yes, I am a bit obsessed.


I have gotten into the habit to read whilst eating my lunch every day and it has drastically increased the amount of reading I can fit into my day. It meant that I finally (after about two months) finished Shantaram. It was such a gripping read. The story is absolutely fascinating, you get taken on this journey and just forget everything that happens around you. I also got my heart broken a couple of times but it was all worth it. Go read this book. It is so so amazing.

I also finished Big Magic, which I have talked about a little bit in my previous post (if you haven’t read it yet, go check it out).

I started reading a book called ‘Germany – 2064’ by Martin Walker. It is set in the year 2064 about a superintendent whose partner is a robot. All very futuristic but in a really interesting and thought-provoking manner. I am really loving it so far, despite not being a big sci-fi fan normally.


My best friends Yasmin and Miriam introduced me to Chance the Rapper and oh boy he is good! I have absolutely fallen in love with his album ‘Colouring book’. Below one of my favourites by him.


One of the nicest things that happened this month is that my brother came over from Germany to visit me for a weekend. We went to see a football game, ate lots of food and played darts every evening – basically the perfect weekend!

February was also a very productive month. My new semester started 3 weeks ago and I am really enjoying my new modules – Research Methods and Food Security. I have managed to get into a routine of doing some work every day and have revised some of my study techniques and it has made a big difference.

And of course, Valentine’s Day. Edd and I celebrated the weekend before by taking a trip to Manchester, we saw a ballet and went to the biggest bookshop in North England – he definitely knows how to spoil me! The day was rounded of with some delicious vegan burgers. It was a magical day!

So, upon reflection: February was actually pretty good. I am excited for March – it was the meteorological beginning of Spring yesterday which hopefully means better weather (can you tell that the English rain and I are not friends?) It is Edd’s birthday in a bit over two weeks and I am excited to celebrate his existence.

My goals for the next 30 days:

  1. I want to stay productive and dedicated in my studies. Last year I got really behind and ended up being so stressed which kind of took away some of the fun of learning. And I really don’t want that to happen again. So, goal #1: Study hard!
  2. Get into a workout routine. As I was a bit under the weather the last few weeks I kind of fell out of my routine of going to the gym. Now that the days are getting longer and the sun is (hopefully) coming out more often, I really want to start running again, as well as going to the gym. Ideally, I would like to do something every day – even if it is just 5 minutes of body-weight exercises before hopping in the shower. Goal #2: do some sort of workout every day.

What are you particularly grateful for in the month of February? And have you got any goals for March?

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