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Life Lately – January 2024

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Time never comes back. Any season in your life is temporary. Right now, I am especially aware of this. Any day now, our second baby will be born (I am hoping tomorrow!). So, this season of it just being the three of us will very soon be over. I wanted to capture a bit of what life looks like these days.

Lately, I have been…

Eating my homemade sourdough bread. Preferably with butter and honey. Also, I have been snacking ok lots of apples, oranges and chocolate.

Drinking hybrid coffee, which is half normal, half decaf coffee. Also, pregnancy tea and alcohol-free beer. Pregnant life is so exciting.

Wearing my maternity clothes of course. By this point it is mostly leggings and comfortable dresses or jumpers.

Reading “Bel Canto” by Ann Patchett. I just finished listening to “Tom Lake” by her and adored it. She is basically incapable of writing anything I am not going to utterly love. I can’t say much about “Bel Canto” yet, as I am only a few pages in. Otherwise I have been reading a few chapters out of Tracy Hoggs book “The baby whisperer solves all your problems” in the hope that her wisdom will help us get more sleep with this second baby. We shall see!

Listening to podcasts. I am really enjoying the Bible Project podcast right now. They are doing a deep dive into the sermon on the mount and it has been fascinating.

Feeling all sorts of feelings lately. (Hello, hormones!) Yesterday I was pretty much on top of the world and so relaxed whereas today I felt so tired. And annoyed that labour hasn’t started yet and a bit hopeless about the baby coming before having to be induced. So yeah, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster.

Grateful for the lady who comes to help us with housework at the moment. She is so efficient and really kind. Also, two weeks ago I had a baby shower with a bunch of local girlfriends and it was such a nice afternoon. There are so many wonderful women in my life and I am so thankful for their friendship.

Nesting hard. I tidied the bathroom cupboards, purged and sorted SJs toys, cleaned our coffee maker and organised all the papers on my desk.

Excited about giving birth and meeting this baby.

Worried about the same. Plus, how it will all be for SJ! She has been sleeping really badly and hasn’t really been herself the last few days. She is such a good speaker but obviously it’s hard for her to express what she feels, what she is afraid of or worried about. I just want her to feel safe and loved through this whole process.

Knitting on my Hyldebear Shawl and Copenhagen Cardigan. For the shawl I have to look at a chart the whole time whereas the cardigan is pretty straightforward at this point, so it’s the perfect combination of projects. I also put a sock project into my hospital bag.

Sewing nothing right now. I finished a little quilt for the baby and completed a few mending tasks yesterday. I often really want to sew once the weather gets warmer and I am hoping that I will find the time then even though we will have two kids!

Exercising hardly at all. I have been going for my weekly swims, but most other movement has been causing me a lot of pain. Yesterday and today I went for some brisk walks despite it as it is recommended as a strategy to start labour.

Enjoying knitting so so much. I do it every day and it makes me rather happy.

Wishing for a good night’s sleep tonight. And then to wake up and give birth. Ha!

What have you been up to lately?

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