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Life Lately: August

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I’ve been super busy these last few months but thought it would be nice to capture a bit of what life is like these days. Lots of changes are looming and I am trying to take in each and every moment.

Lately I’ve been…

Eating lots of fruit. I love peaches and nectarines and this season has it all. Other than that I have been a bit obsessed with toast topped with either peanut butter and jam or tofu.

Drinking coffee! Lots of work results in much more time spent at coffee shops and a greater need for concentration juice. Also, as Edd is off on summer holiday we have been to the pub a lot more so I’ve also been enjoying a nice cold lager a few nights a week.

Reading a book for the Life’s Library Book Club. It is a collection of short stories by Ted Chiang called “Stories of Your Life”. The stories probably fall into the sci-fi genre and are unlike anything I have ever read but I am really enjoying it. It reminds me a bit of Black Mirror episodes. Also, I am listening to “Why I am no longer talking to White People about Race” by Reni Eddo-Lodge on Audible. It’s a challenging read but I would recommend everyone to pick up this book.

Listening to study playlists and a song called “Anchor” by Sarah Juers on repeat.

Writing up my thesis. I have a first draft that I am currently editing which is more tedious than I had feared. A few more weeks and then I am done!

Wearing a pair of trousers that used to be a bit too tight for a long time but fit really well now and me-made knitted jumpers. (It has been rather cold for August.)

Going to lots of yoga classes. I normally lose interest in things after a while and want to change up my exercise routine, but I think I have found “my thing”.

Knitting on my second Broken Seed Stick Sock, the Gamaldags Sweater and the Candelit Shawl.

Looking forward to going to a church camp on the weekend and visiting of my best friends in Wales next week.

Struggling a little with uncertainty. At the moment it is not really clear if we will still be here in two months or not and what we will do… Excited, but also exhausting.

Having so many ideas for creative projects. I constantly have to tell myself: ‘One thing at a time!’ (Which I have mixed success in sticking to – see the three knitting projects…)

Watching the second season of Marvellous Mrs. Maisel again. Edd hasn’t seen it yet and I thoroughly enjoy re-watching it.

Burning lots of candles. Have I mentioned that the weather has been rather cold and gloomy? It feels more like autumn than summer, but weirdly I don’t mind very much. (Except for the fact that we are camping at the weekend…)

Feeling grateful for our life as it is now. I love being in Lancaster, our friends, the fact that I can cycle into town in five minutes, our house, the freedom we enjoy these days. Knowing this chapter is coming to a close has made me notice all the good things way more. God has given us so much.

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