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Highlights of my week #5

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Last year, during my internship, I started writing these posts occasionally, where I listed everything I had enjoyed about that week. Kind of like a weekly gratitude list.

At the time, I felt quite lonely and struggled with slipping into depression. Knowing I would write these posts at the end of the week, made me pay attention to all the big and small highlights that each day brought. Being intentional about focusing on the positive was extremely helpful. Also, now I have a bit of a record of what life was like a year ago, which feels so precious.

With Corona, lockdown and life being so different right now, I felt the urge to document some snippets of what life looks like for us during this time. To pay attention to the extraordinary in the midst of the mundane. I am doing much better mentally now than I did last year but lockdown still has been hard. And focusing on the good is never a bad idea.

So here are my highlights of last week!

  • I am currently doing an online yoga class each Monday with Brooke Boon. She is the founder of Holy Yoga. I love her style of teaching and this week’s class was particularly great. The classes are free! You can sign up on the Holy Yoga website if you would like to join in.
  • On Tuesday I had a singing lesson with my vocal coach and very dear friend Sarah. We did part of the lesson live on Instagram, you can see some of it on her IGTV here.
  • I made up a recipe for a quiche and it was delicious.
Lietzensee Park, Berlin | Cutting out Sutton blouse by True Bias
  • Edd and I joined a quiz night with our old small group in Lancaster via zoom. We were laughing lots and it was so nice to see people on screen.
  • Wearing clothes everyday that I made myself! I am currently participating in #MeMadeMay, you can read all about my first week of doing the challenge here.
  • Me-Made-May also really inspired me to do lots of sewing. I cut out the sewing pattern for the Sutton Blouse by True Bias on Tuesday night, cut my fabric on Thursday and started sewing on Friday. And today I finished! You will be able to see the finished result on my Instagram in the next few days.
  • Friday was a public holiday in Berlin. I could get used to 3-day weekends! Edd and I spent lots of time outside, cycling, playing frisbee with our friend, and I went on two runs.
Spring flowers in bloom | vegan chocolate cake
  • Visiting one of our closest friends here in Berlin, chatting and eating vegan chocolate cake she made especially for us.
  • I made a really delicious rhubarb-strawberry-cake. Nothing says spring like this combo!
  • Getting some new plants for our flat and making plans on how we could arrange our furniture to make our flat a bit more homey.
  • We also went to a charity shop and bought some fun beer glasses and a very pretty vintage sugar bowl.
Rhubarb-strawberry cake | first ice cream of the season
  • Spring! The weather has been wonderful and there are so many beautiful trees and bushes blooming in our neighbourhood. When you step out of the front door of our apartment building the air is full of the scent of all the flowers in bloom. It is so wonderful.
  • We had our first ice cream of the season and discovered that the ice cream shop around the corner from us does vegan chocolate ice cream which is delicious (especially combined with raspberry!)
  • Finally, I am so grateful for our church. It obviously sucks that we cannot see each other in person, but I love our times together on zoom and all the encouraging WhatsApp messages and just knowing that we are all praying for one another makes such a difference.

What were some of your highlights this last week?

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