Me Made May 2020

Me Made May 2020 – some reflections

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As previously mentioned, during May I participated in a challenge called “Me Made May”. The idea is to wear items that are self-made (i.e. “me made”).

Other than knitting socks, I only started relatively recently to make my own clothes. 3 years ago or so I knitted my first jumper and about two years ago I started sewing clothes. I had made a couple of things in the past together with my mum. However, in 2018 I fully dived into sewing as a hobby and became more confident in my skills.

I would still call myself a relative beginner – I can follow pattern instructions but so far I only made relatively easy to sew garments. I have never drafted anything myself and altering garments to the exact shape of my body is still a a mystery to me. But I am learning!

My “Me Made May” experiment

So much in terms of backstory. Basically, I really wasn’t sure if I have enought me-made garments to wear one of them everyday. Nonetheless, I thought it would be fun to give this challenge a go! And it worked out much better than I expected.

Me Made May 2020

I wore something me-made on 25 days in May, which I think is pretty exciting!

Looking at this grid of my “Me Made May” makes me notice some favourites. Especially my blue Odgen Cami made quite a few appearances! On a number of days, I counted an accessory as my handmade item for the day. For example my London backpack (which I actually use every day as my workbag), a scrunchie, masks, a hairband and a scarf. I was quite happy about the colder weather on some of the days, as it meant I could wear my knitted socks and jumpers.

By being more intentional about wearing my handmade clothes I was able to take stock of all the things I had already made. More than I thought! I found some gaps that need filling (blouses with sleeves, shorts, and obviously more Odgen Camis!).

Having your picture taken everyday

The hardest thing about the challenge was to get someone to take a picture of me (I became well aquainted with the self-timer function in my phone!) and then remembering to post the picture.

However, this process also made me realise how much I have grown in confidence over the last years. I didn’t really used to like pictures and often felt really awkward and uncomfortable in my skin and didn’t like the way I looked. And now I am basically in love with the camera…! Haha joking (or not) but despite some “problem areas” I really love my body and enjoy the way I look now. (Maybe I should write a blog post on this topic sometime?)

All I want to do is sew now

And knit! Wearing my handmade clothes made me so excited about making. In June I sewed another pair of trousers and started a dress which I finished today. I also completed another pair of knitted socks. So basically, I am on a roll! I am already excited to see how many more garments I will have sewn and knitted for “Me Made May” 2021!

If you are thinking about learning how to sew or knit – I’d highly recommend. It is such an empowering feeling to turn a piece of fabric into a top or dress or a pair of trousers. There will be many frustrating moments but it is such a fun hobby and really makes you appreciate how much work goes into a garment.

If you have started sewing but are unsure whether participating in “Me Made May” would work I’d encourage you to just do it. The parameters of the challenge are completely up to you – you could aim to wear all of your garments at least once during that month, or just do one week and then start over. I bet you have more finished objects than you thought!

Let me know if you have any questions about getting started with sewing or knitting – I would be happy to share my beginner wisdom!

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