Sewing Dreams for July 2022
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Sewing dream list – July 2022

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As I have been ill in bed with Covid this last week, I have been watching the Great British Sewing Bee. Such a good show! Now I am itching to make something! 

Right now though, I don’t have lots of time for sewing. I started work again in June. I am happy it’s all from home but 2.5 days every week are a fair bit of time. We also moved in June and there are still a number of home-related projects that we need to finish. 

However, with all this inspiration for sewing right now I thought I would make a list of things I would like to create! I am calling it a sewing dream list – because I know that it’s not realistic I will get the time to tackle all these projects in the near future. But we can all dream right?

Little disclaimer – I put in links to all the patterns but none of these are affilaite or sponsored. I just added the links in case you are interested in getting them for yourself – there is no financial gain or other reward for me!

Finish sewing projects that I started 

One thing you might have picked up about me is that I am easily excited. I love new ideas and new projects. However, in recent years I have learned a lot about finishing things. It is so fun to start something new, but not as satisfying as finishing a project. I also want to minimise waste – it is not honouring to the people who made the materials or myself to give up on a craft project after a couple of hours to switch to the next thing. So here are some projects I need to finish before cutting out the next project. 

a) Ness skirt  

I am a bit stuck on this one. I made a small mistake and have a weird tuck on the zip at the front that I don’t know how to get rid off. Also, the fabric is a curdoroy – beautiful! – but makes an absolute mess. I need to hover everytime I worked on it. So I am inclined to wait until I have a large chunk of time so I can finish it in one go.

To be honest, I also lack a bit of motivation for this one as it is quite an autumnal garment and I am a big summer mood.

b) Wanderer Tank

When we were on holiday in May I took my sewing machine with me. I didn’t get as much sewing time as I had hoped for. I  seemed to had forgotten about the fact that we have a baby now that wants to be entertained and I also had no ironing board which is quite an essential item when it comes to sewing.

However, I did cut out and made a start on the Wanderer Tank by Friday Pattern Company. I elongated the bodice, but might shorten it again. The project requires eyelets and fusible interfacing, neither of which I had brought on holiday, so I didn’t finish. It shouldn’t take me much longer to complete though and is a summer garment, so maybe I should start working on this one next time I get an hour to myself!

Sewing plans

A Shirred dress

I had the #bhlshirreddress tutorial saved for ages and high on my list of dresses to make for a while! Having seen so many beautiful shirred dresses in the the pattern challenge on the Sewing Bee made me want to make and wear one so much more! I have never shirred anything before but it looks like such a fun technique. For fabric I picture some floral print in bright colours.

Practical sewing: A pair of Pyjamas

I cut out the pattern pieces for the Fifi Pyjamas by Tilly and the Buttons while we were on holiday. I also already have fabric for this, so could definitely make this project soon! They are summer PJs for sure, so would be great to have them whilst it is so hot still!

Sew the Persephone Shorts

As you might know by this point I am always so so inspired by Jaclyn Salem. All her craft projects and gardening skills are just amazing. She has made a number of trouser patterns (she says pants because she is American ha!) by Anna Allen Clothing. I would love to try my hand on one of them! I am eyeing up the Persephone Shorts. I have some green canvas fabric that I have bought to make some shorts. I think this is probably a slightly more involved project, especially getting the fit right.

Double pleated shorts

I am always for the lookout for feminine, loose shorts and am in love with these double-pleated shorts Jaclyn made. They are so cute!

A beautiful jumpsuit

I have never had a jumpsuit or even tried one on but always wanted to! I am not particularly tall so previously had written jumpsuits off as something I could wear. However recently I have seen people look fantatic in jumpsuits who were short and curvy, so I definitely want to give this project a go! I love the look of the Sallie Jumpsuit by Closet Core for example.

Expand my sewing skills with the Closet Core Swimsuit + Jeans classes

Speaking of Closet Core patterns – they offer classes for sewing swimwear and for making jeans and I would so so love to take them both one day. I have made a bikini once before which was a bit silly as I tend to only wear one pieces. Especially now after having had a baby, I prefer covering my tummy area!

Sew a Shirt Dress

Okay, another one inspired by Jaclyn! The McCalls M8030 pattern is just so pretty! Perfect to wear to the office or on a day out.

Sagebrush Top

I have had this pattern by Friday Pattern Company in my stash for a while but never had a “vision” for it – but I would LOVE this in a black and white gingham fabric. I think it would be the perfect contrast to the cute ruffle feature on the top. This would also still be wearable in the autumn paired with a cardigan or a vest underneath – so not just a garment for hot days!

So far, sew good!

That’s all for now! I keep seeing things all the time where I think “Oh I really want to make this!” So this list could be even longer. Hopefully I will get to make at least a few of these this year! Have you got any sewing plans for the next weeks and months? I would love to hear about them!

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