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30th birthday wish list

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In one month and 3 days I am turning 30 years old. Despite it being difficult to celebrate the way I had origianally wanted to (invite EVERYONE I know) I am still very excited for my 30th birthday.

Edd asked me to write a list of things I would want for my brithday so he could pick something off the list, that way insuring he gets me something I want but it still being a surprise. I really like this idea. (Also – maybe some other people need some inspiration as well!)

I am not a big gift person normally but I do love receiving presents on my birthday. And coming up with this list made me very excited for “my big day”.

So here we go!

My 30th birthday wishlist

  1. An overlocker. It’s time to take my sewing to the next level I think and an overlocker would definitely help that. (In case you don’t know what an overlocker is, it is a bit like a sewing maching but uses 4 threads to create seams, it can also cut off excess fabric at the same time. Cool, right?!)
  2. A label maker.
  3. A rubics cube. Learning how to solve one seems like a great goal to have before turning 40!
  4. A surprise weekend away somewhere.
  5. Pottery classes. My dream is to one day have an entire crockery set with big and small plates, mugs and bowls that I made myself. Taking a pottery wheel class, seems like a good place to start! (Also part of this gift would be that I don’t have to research classes myself but that someone else does all the organising for me!)
  6. Tickets to see Tom Misch.
  7. A spot in Hannah Brencher’s writing class. Writing a book is another bucket list item and I really love Hannah Brencher.
  8. A little holder thinger that I can stick to my guitar that holds plectrums.
  9. Also; more plectrums.
  10. Dance classes. I can’t believe I still have no clue how to do ballroom dancing! Salsa would also be cool. But any kind of dancing with a partner sounds super fun to me. (Again, someone else doing the research for this would be great).
  11. A trip to the Tajikistan Tea room in Berlin.
  12. Some high quality ear pods. I bought some cheap knock-offs a while ago but their battery life is shocking.
  13. A bottle holder for my bike. And a phone holder.
  14. A keyboard. (Like a piano one, not one for a computer). I used to play a little when I was a child and I would really love to pick it up again.
  15. A coaching call with Jess Connolly.
  16. Renewing my online subscription to my favourite German newspaper Die Zeit.
  17. A sports watch I can use for swimming, running and cycling.
  18. A jade roller. Gotta keep those wrinkles at bay!
  19. Tickets to see Lianne La Havas. Have you listened to her new album yet? It’s incredible.
  20. Dinner at the top of the Berlin TV tower.
  21. A museum pass so we can go visit all the cool Berlin museums for a year. Especially now when most places are still kind of empty!
  22. A cool snap cap. Preferably with leopard print.
  23. A fun activity planned every month of my 30th year. Like a celebration tour – celebrating this new year with different people in different places each month. Oh man I really love this idea ha!
  24. A hike somewhere in Brandenburg including lake swims and picnic. Living in Berlin is great but I do need a regular nature fix!
  25. An electric face brush. At almost 30 I still get breaktouts like a teenager…
  26. Theater tickets. There are so many cool plays starting up again in Berlin and I would love to make the most of living in this vibrant city with so much culture!
  27. Some soy candles.
  28. Pretty earrings. (Ask my friend Julia to pick them – she always wears such beautiful ones).
  29. Cool art for our walls. For example this, this or this.
  30. Lots of books! I have many that I want to read on my amazon wish list and my goodreads “to read” list…
I guess that’s enough!

This post is not entirely serious, even though receiving presents is lovely I am just so grateful to be alive and healthy and loved as I am turning 30. I am excited for the next decade! So far every year got better and better, I hope to continue on this trajectory!

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