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Highlights of my week #4

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Here are all my favourite things and moments of this week:

1. Documenting a normal day in my life. Last Monday I took a picture every hour or so to capture all the ordinary moments of everyday life. I shared them all on my instagram stories. This quick way of memory-keeping and documenting what my life looks like here in Potsdam was so enjoyable. I might repeat this project sometime and share it here on the blog.

2. I  made quite good progress transcribing some of the interviews I did so far for my Master’s thesis. It’s quite an arduous task but satisfying when it’s done.

3. My friend Jael lent me a book by Rebecca Gablé which I started reading two days ago and I am already on page 180 because I just can’t put it down. I love having a book where I just cannot stop reading.

4. On Wednesday I had a long conversation on the phone with Edd and it was so nice to hear his voice and have a proper catch up.

5. Making one of my favourite salads. (And having leftovers of it in the fridge!)

6. I went on two runs this week. Sometimes I run and I have to concentrate so hard so I keep going and don’t just stop. But this week I almost forgot that I was on a run, I just thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, hearing the birds, listening to my music and seeing horses (my favourite!).

7. Watching the Eurovision last night with some good friends was so much fun. The music was of mixed quality but we had great food and lots of laughter.

8. I voted this week for the European Elections via postal vote. The actual elections are held between the 23rd and the 26th of May. If you’re on the fence about who to vote for, there’s an excellent website here in Germany called ‘Wahl-O-Mat’, which asks you a series of questions on different topics and then calculates which which parties you have the most similarities with.

9. Today after church we had a picnic at the Tempelhofer Feld, an old airport here in Berlin. I am really enjoying the warmer weather and getting outside more. (And a picnic is always a good idea!)

10. I am so grateful for Skype. On Friday night I had a long chat with my mum, tonight me and my dad caught up and I talked to one of my colleagues on Thursday. I always prefer to meet people in person, but if that is not possible it is so great to chat and see someone’s face at the same time.

What were some of your highlights this week?

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