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Recently, I started listening to a podcast called ’10 things to tell you’ by Laura Tremaine. In each episode of the show Laura explores a different topic – friendship, home, people who inspire her, journaling and many more. She encourages her listeners to answer the questions she discusses and to share their answers with their friends – online or offline. I especially LOVED the very first episode as it is about books. So I decided to dive into Laura’s questions about reading and share my answers here with you!

When do you read?

I read almost everyday. One of the things that is a priority for me is to read at least a few verses in the Bible each morning. At the moment I am working through 1 Peter. I read a short paragraph of Scripture and then read a few pages of commentary.

In order to get through novels and other books I try and make to most out of ‘dead time’ – for example time spent on public transport, or time waiting for public transport. During my stay here in Potsdam I travelled a lot to and from Berlin and so managed to read quite a lot. When I am standing at a bus stop an easy thing to do is to get out my phone and check instagram or send texts (and I do do that) but whenever I get out my book and fill even just a few minutes with reading, I always feel much better than when I scroll my phone.

On the days where I work from home I also often read during my lunch break and lately, as I have been away from Edd I usually spend my evenings either knitting whilst listening to an audio book or the radio or I read.

How do you read books?

The majority of the time, I read physical books. I do own a kindle but I don’t use it that often. It’s great for when we are on holiday, as it allows me to quickly get hold of another book if I have run out of reading material. One the whole though, I am one of those people who just prefer the feel of the physical pages, the smell of the book – just the whole old school book experience.

Since about a year I also use audible. I was hesitant about audiobooks at first but I have become a fan pretty quickly. You all know how much I love making things with my hands – whether it is scrapbooking, sewing, knitting or macrame – and those activities go so well with an audiobook. I also listen to books whilst walking places, cleaning or cooking.

What books do you read?

Mostly I read fiction and biographies. I do enjoy non-fiction, especially popular science books but since studying and having to read hundreds of pages of journal articles each week, my capacity for those genres has decreased. I loved reading Lord of the Rings, Narnia and Harry Potter but usually I am not a fantasy or sci-fi kind of gal. Over the last few years I also worked my way through a number of dystopian novels, but my favourite type of book are either historical novels or stories about normal people who live in a context that is different to my own – I love learning about different cultures, nations, religions and times.

Do you love reading? When, how & what do you read?

If you are looking for some book recommendations, you should check out my April book report!

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